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Tag Results for "Immigration Reform"

The Economic Impact of Legalization Versus Deportation in Arizona

Our national debate over urgently needed immigration reform is now careening through our state legislatures, city halls, and town councils due to political gridlock at the federal level. continue reading »

ICE Arrests 130 Undocumented Immigrants in Northern Va

ICE Reports that more than 130 undocumented immigrants have been arrested in northern Virginia over the period of last Sunday through Tuesday. The effort was launched as part of a campaign to target and detain criminal aliens. continue reading »

Rep Senator Lori Klein of Arizona Reads Letter Calling Latino Students ‘gangsters” (VIDEO)

During a debate at the Arizona State Capitol this week, gasps and anger were the reaction to the actions of freshman senator Lori Klein. Sen. Klein read a letter from a substitute eighth grade teacher that described most Mexican students as wanting to be "gang members and gangsters." continue reading »

Mexicans and Jews Fight for the Rights of Immigrant Mercado Workers

An estimated 10,000 mercado workers work in the Bay Area and most are recent immigrants from Latin America and Asia. Workers lack proper meal and rest breaks, earn poverty wages, and often endure abuse. Benefits such as paid vacations and holidays, medical coverage, and pension plans are practically nonexistent. Overtime and double-time pay violations are common. continue reading »

Egypt and Latino’s in America…Is an Uprising Coming Here? (VIDEO)

Unrest leads to protest, and protest can lead to change. This has not been any more apparent than the events that took place in Egypt. Middle-East experts are now watching the countries of Yemen and Libya to see how they take shape, but can the revolution spread to the United States? continue reading »

Obama Urged to Halt Deportations until Promised Immigration Reform is Approved

34 Leaders of 24-immigrant advocacy US organizations leaders have asked President Obama to issue an executive order halting all deportations until immigration reform is approved. continue reading »

Racist Kansas Legislator, Virgil Peck ‘Illegal immigrants should be shot from helicopters like hogs’

SOMOS REPUBLICANS are demanding an apology from Republican Kansas legislator, Virgil Peck, when he said it might be good to control illegal immigration the way the feral hog population has been controlled — with hunters shooting from helicopters. There are people advocating to shoot the heads off of “illegal Mexicans”, and Peck’s behavior is extremely violent and inappropriate. continue reading »

California Dream Act Debate Intensifies

While recent census figures indicate that California is rapidly becoming a melting pot of immigrants on the road to becoming the new majority, a debate is sure to materialize in a California Assembly committee hearing today continue reading »

DREAMer Pedro Gutierrez Is Granted One Year Stay of Deportation

News about one of the lucky 900 this week: Pedro Gutierrez, a 22-year old Arizonan, has been granted a one-year stay of deportation, thanks to the work of DREAM activists and DREAM Act supporters all over the nation. continue reading »

National Hispanic GOP Group Announces Immigration Solution

A healthy and legal immigration solution will secure our borders, create a safer North American Continent and promote a stronger relationship with our contiguous neighbors. Enforcement-only initiatives promote a situation that continue reading »

Gay Couples Gathering to be Plaintiffs in Immigration Discrimination Federal Case (VIDEO)

Strengthened by the Obama administration's announcement that they will no longer defend part of the Defense of Marriage Act in Court, an immigration rights group is trying to put together a case to sue the federal government for preventing married gay people from sponsoring their spouses for citizenship. continue reading »

Border Patrol Rescues 8 Illegal Aliens During San Diego’s Cold Snap, One Dies from Exposure

A harsh winter storm hit east San Diego County, delivering freezing rain and up to four feet of snow in some areas. Border Patrol agents responded to the storm this past week and rendered life-saving assistance continue reading »

National GOP Group & Latino Caucus United Against Nebraska’s Anti-Immigrant Bills

Somos Republicans, America’s largest Hispanic Republican organization, has joined forces with the Nebraska Democratic Latino Caucus in opposition to an Arizona-style enforcement bill for Nebraska (LB48) and in continue reading »

House GOP Holds Another Hearing To Push Mass Deportation Agenda While Revealing Craven Hypocrisy

Today, the leaders of the House Mass Deportation Caucus, Reps. Elton Gallegly (R-CA), Steve King (R-IA) and Lamer Smith (R-TX), have organized a hearing that they've disingenuously titled “Making Immigration Work for American Minorities.” continue reading »

U.S. Ranks in Top 10 for Immigration Integration Policies and Practices

In cooperation with the Immigration Policy Center, the British Council and the Migration Policy Group release a new study today which reviews and ranks U.S. immigrant integration policies against other countries. continue reading »

Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Changing Birthright Citizenship

57% of Americans oppose changing the 14th amendment that grants US citizenship to anyone born on American Soil, whereas 39% favor changing the amendment. continue reading »

Latest TX Bill, Strict Penalties for Hiring Illegal’s- But Maids are OK

The latest bill addressing illegal immigration in Texas has an interesting exemption- Maids. “It is an admittedly clumsy first attempt to say, ‘We are really focusing on the big businesses,’” Jon English, Rep. Riddle’s chief of staff, continue reading »

Sophisticated and Violent Document Traffickers from Mexico Operating in U.S. Indicted

A federal grand jury in Richmond has indicted 22 members of an allegedly highly sophisticated and violent fraudulent document trafficking organization based in Mexico with cells in 19 cities and 11 states, including three cells in Virginia. continue reading »

Four Day Immigration Sweep Nets 58 Undocumented Aliens in Mississippi

During a four-day targeted enforcement operation in and around Jackson that ended Monday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested 58 individuals, including convicted criminal aliens, immigration fugitives and known gang members and affiliates. continue reading »

Thousands Come Out to Protest in Texas Against 60 Proposed Anti-Immigration Bills

Hundreds of immigrants, students, advocates and military members come out in protest at the Texas state capital, against the various bills being proposed on immigration. The theme of the protest rally was “Texas Can do Better.” continue reading »