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Tag Results for "Immigration Reform"

Counting the Votes on Immigration Reform in the House

For most people who follow the immigration debate, it is an issue which at its core is about values like fairness, faith, and family. Those who support immigrants’ rights and want to see our immigration system reformed follow the ins and outs of the debate via nightly news, daily media clips, or blogs like this one. continue reading »

Chicago Cardinal Pulls Funding From Immigration Groups For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Chicago Cardinal Francis George has pulled funding from a coalition of immigration groups that support same-sex marriage in Illinois, according to a Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) statement released last week. continue reading »

64 Percent of Americans Favor Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants

Sixty-four percent of U.S. voters say they are in favor of resolving the legal status of the country's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants and providing them with a path to citizenship, according to a survey released Friday. continue reading »

Congressman Garcia Applauds Passage of Bipartisan Bill Putting Students First

Congressman Joe Garcia (FL-26) issued the following statement subsequent to the passage of a partisan student loan deal that Congress passed yesterday addressing the student loan interest rate hike that took place on July 1st continue reading »

Immigration Reform Could Lead to Surge of Adult Learners

Teachers at California's adult schools expressed their concern over the requirement to learn English included in the immigration reform package approved in the Senate, given that it would increase the number of students at institutions that are already suffering from budget cuts. continue reading »

Spanish-Language Ads Spotlight Rep. King’s Anti-Immigrant Comments

An influential labor union launched a Spanish-language ad campaign Sunday criticizing Republican Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) recent extreme comments that compared undocumented continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez Says Votes Are There for Immigration Reform

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said Wednesday that comprehensive immigration reform has the support of dozens of members of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. continue reading »

Rep. Luis Gutierrez:  44,000 Will be Deported During Congressional Recess

Luis Gutierrez, the Democratic Congressman from Illinois, left his Congressional with a powerful message before they head to summer recess: continue reading »

The Immigration Debate Could Use a Healthy Dose of Facts

Immigration is sure to be a hot topic when Members of Congress meet their constituents face-to-face during the upcoming summer recess. The full Senate has passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes a continue reading »

Daughter of Undocumented Immigrants Calls Legal Triumph Over Arpaio “Bittersweet”

Katherine Figueroa, who obtained a moral victory over Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio when immigration authorities suspended legal proceedings against her undocumented parents, called the win "bittersweet," since her family's future in the United States remains uncertain. continue reading »

Memo to GOP- It’s time for Immigration Reform with Citizenship for Dreamers and Their Families

Today, the House Judiciary Committee meets for a hearing that will discuss the KIDS Act, a DREAM Act-lite proposal that some Republicans are considering taking up instead of immigration reform for the 11 million. As Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) recently said, “We’ve been there, we’ve done that, that’s so yesterday. [That's] last century’s conversation on immigration.” continue reading »

In Central Valley CA, College Students Spend Summer Vacation in the Fields

This small town in South Kern County is home to many farmworkers, including young college students eager to make some cash during their summer break. And although it may seem strange to those living outside of California’s Central Valley, working in the fields, although physically demanding, can be a gratifying experience for many of them. continue reading »

NCLR Meets in New Orleans as Immigration Reform Winds Through Congress

Hundreds of U.S. political and community leaders are meeting in New Orleans for the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza, or NCLR, to analyze the course of immigration reform and other matters affecting the Hispanic community. continue reading »

ICE Closes Dozens of Deportation Cases in Arizona

At age nine, U.S.-born Kathy Figueroa became the public face of hundreds of children impacted by immigration raids and family separation in Arizona. In a YouTube video she pleaded with President Barack Obama for the release of her parents. continue reading »

Hey Paul Ryan: 9 Out of 10 Immigrants Would Apply For Citizenship

Some have been lifting up Paul Ryan as a conservative champion for immigration reform in the House–he’s been working behind the scenes to try and make reform happen, and has been applauded for making a strong case for the economics of reform. continue reading »

Boehner: Helping Migrants Brought as Kids a Matter of “Fairness”

The country's top Republican elected official, House Speaker John Boehner, said Wednesday that legalizing young people who were illegally brought to the United States by their parents is a question of "basic fairness." continue reading »

STUDY:  Immigration Reform Could Bring States $2 Billion a Year

States and localities could collect an extra $2 billion a year in taxes from immigrants—on top of $10.6 billion they get already—if Congress overhauls the country’s immigration laws, according to a new report. continue reading »

Not Everyone Wants the American Dream

On my 16th birthday, in an indigenous village in southern Mexico, I translated for a church group of white Americans from my hometown in eastern Washington state. In their one-room hut, I asked an indigenous Mexican family continue reading »

Pres. George W. Bush Hoping for “Positive Resolution” on Immigration Reform but Won’t Get Involved

Former President George W. Bush said Wednesday that he hopes a "positive resolution" will be found as Congress considers reforms to the "broken" U.S. immigration system. continue reading »

This Week in GOP Latino Outreach: Steve King’s Caucus takes Center Stage

We’re back from a long weekend, and the fight for immigration reform has pivoted. Following the passage of bipartisan immigration legislation in the Senate by a 68-32 vote, all attention is on the House and Speaker John Boehner. continue reading »