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Tag Results for "Immigration News"

Senate Subcommittee Concludes- Immigration Reform Imperative for Economic Growth

“Removing barriers to legal immigration would be an enormous benefit to our economy,” said Nowrasteh. “Immigrants of all skill levels, from the highly skilled to the lower skilled, create jobs and economic opportunities for Americans.” continue reading »

75 Democrats Sign Letter to Obama Against HALT Act, That Strips His Right to Administer Deportations

A dozen pro-immigrant Democratic Members of Congress gathered for a press conference today to release a letter to President Obama saying they are opposed to the HALT Act, which they described to the President as "an attack on your integrity that should not pass unnoticed or unopposed." The letter was signed by 75 Democrats. continue reading »

In Interview President Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Making DREAM Act a Reality

While all of Congress and the nation remains focused on the contentious debt ceiling talks the President took time to reaffirm his commitment to making the DREAM Act a reality. continue reading »

Immigration Reports Show Record Number of Deportation Thanks to Traffic & Drunk Driving Offenses

Homeland Security is reporting that under President Obama a record number of criminal immigrants have been deported. Most of the ‘criminal’ migrants were stopped for traffic violations and drunk driving. continue reading »

U.S-Mexico Border Residents Not Surprised by Falling Crime Stats (VIDEO)

Listening to politicians, one would think that the border is rife with murder, arson, theft, kidnapping, and every other type of violent crime imaginable. Unfortunately, those who spread these images often conflate the violence associated with drugs and arms trafficking with immigration, unfairly painting immigrants as the perpetrators. continue reading »

Georgia’s Anti-Immigration Law Hits Restaurant Industry

Georgia is becoming a state that has food, but no immigrants to cook it, and is abundant in fruit, but has nobody to pick it. How extreme do things need to get before lawmakers open their eyes to the damage the state's new anti-immigration law, House Bill 87, is incurring? continue reading »

An Open Letter to the President from Hispanic Farmers

The following is a letter from Hispanic Farmers & Ranchers Inc. and Minority Agricultural Producers to President Obama: Sir, As you address La Raza, Hispanics and Hispanic farmers and ranchers are paying attention to how rhetoric relates to reality. Here is our reality: continue reading »

Coalition Asks Court to Block Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant HB 56 Law

The Southern Poverty Law Center and a coalition of other civil rights groups filed a motion asking a federal judge to block Alabama’s anti-immigrant law from taking effect Sept. 1. continue reading »

Undocumented Pulitzer Prize Winner Jose Antonio Vargas’ Drivers License is Revoked

Soon after New York Times Magazine ran a profile of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas, as an undocumented immigrant the state of Washington started investigating his driver’s license. continue reading »

Pick Your Poison in AZ:  Join the Border Militia or Help Pay for the Fence

If you are still wondering where to go this summer or have extra cash lying around Arizona is the place to be. Don’t let the stifling heat, oppressive mind set or white militia also known as the Republican legislature keep you away – they have a lot going on as of Wednesday, July 19th – that is when numerous new laws went into effect. continue reading »

Immigration Policy is Personal for Latinos

The most interesting trend from the June impreMedia/Latino Decisions (LD) poll is the personal relationship that the Latino community has with immigration policies. As reported here earlier, a majority of these voters (53%) said they know someone who is undocumented, while one-fourth (25%) said they know a person or family member who is facing deportation or who has been deported continue reading »

Govt Launches Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign to Compliment Mexico’s Campaign

U.S. Customs and Border Protection today launched two public service announcements as part of the “Don’t Be Fooled” campaign—a public awareness campaign designed to educate citizens and encourage public vigilance to combat human trafficking within local communities, and invite others to join the fight against this form of modern-day slavery. continue reading »

39 Undocumented Aliens Found in PR in One Day, Those from Cuba Stay - Others Face Deportation

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents arrested 39 undocumented aliens from Cuba, Dominican Republic and Ecuador yesterday, found illegally in the United States territory in four separate events. continue reading »

The Case for Discretion and Proportionality in our Immigration System

It has long been the case that those responsible for carrying out and enforcing our nation's laws do so with a measure of discretion and proportionality. Every day, law enforcement officials and judges exercise discretion in charging and sentencing decisions, weighing differing priorities and social values, and matching punishments with crimes. Consequently, minors are treated differently in the criminal system, and traffic violators and murderers receive different punishments. continue reading »

Are Hispanics For or Against Illegal Immigration?

You shout, “What part of illegal do you Mexicans not understand?” Ah yes, I am no longer an American, a U.S. citizen – now I am a Mexican. In your state of ignorance you have no idea that “Mexican” is a nationality not a race, and only citizens of Mexico have the right to that name. continue reading »

How Does Deportation Work?

Immigration policy is often discussed in sweeping, over-simplified terms. Beyond the op-ed commentary is the complicated reality of how an illegal alien travels from point A, their first contact with law enforcement, to point B, their country of origin. Discretion, logistics, and copious paperwork by law enforcement and judicial officials separate the two points. continue reading »

Recent Poll Shows Immigration Policy is Personal for Latinos

The most interesting trend from the June impreMedia/Latino Decisions (LD) poll is the personal relationship that the Latino community has with immigration policies. continue reading »

Open Letter to Sen. Marco Rubio to Get on Right Side of Legal Immigration

We were disappointed to hear about Senator Marco Rubio’s brother in law who was endicted on drug charges also implicated on the death and dismemberment of a federal informant in Florida. continue reading »

Republicans Need to get on the Right Side of the Issue on Immigration

It’s no secret that Births have overtaken immigration as the driving force behind the growth of the Mexican-American population in the United States in the past decade, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center. continue reading »

Get Ready for the Alarmists: Illegal Immigrant Found Working at Nuke Plant

Yes, I know he was illegal, yes I know it was a nuclear power plant but lets get the facts. Alarmist reports are coming out more so because the incident happened in Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio was called to make the arrest. Poor Cruz Loya Alvares, this was not his lucky day when his ID was found to be expired as he entered the nuke facility for a day of work. continue reading »