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Tag Results for "Immigration News"

STUDY:  Immigration Reform Could Bring States $2 Billion a Year

States and localities could collect an extra $2 billion a year in taxes from immigrants—on top of $10.6 billion they get already—if Congress overhauls the country’s immigration laws, according to a new report. continue reading »

Not Everyone Wants the American Dream

On my 16th birthday, in an indigenous village in southern Mexico, I translated for a church group of white Americans from my hometown in eastern Washington state. In their one-room hut, I asked an indigenous Mexican family continue reading »

Pres. George W. Bush Hoping for “Positive Resolution” on Immigration Reform but Won’t Get Involved

Former President George W. Bush said Wednesday that he hopes a "positive resolution" will be found as Congress considers reforms to the "broken" U.S. immigration system. continue reading »

Activists Take Stand Against Grandmother’s Deportation in Colorado

Leaders of pro-immigrant organizations in Colorado, accompanied by religious groups and members of the community, protested Tuesday in Denver to prevent the deportation of a Hispanic immigrant who needs medical care. continue reading »

Over 20 Undocumented Dominicans Make It to Puerto Rico on Homemade Raft

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents detained 25 undocumented Dominicans in Camuy, a town on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. continue reading »

NELSON BALIDO: Immigration Bill Offers Good, Bad and the Ugly

The United States Senate is suddenly relevant again after a bipartisan effort delivered a comprehensive immigration bill that deals with visa reform, border security and that creates a pathway to citizenship for the millions in this country not here legally. continue reading »

Mexican and Central American Consulates See Surge in Immigration Document Requests

Mexican and Central American consulates in the United States are registering an increase in requests for official documents and, according to the Central American Resource Center, they must increase their available resources to be prepared if immigration reform is passed. continue reading »

STUDY: Border Militarization Leads to an Increase in Illegal Immigration

The pending 2013 immigration reform bill aims to establish a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. The bill also calls for the completion of 700 miles of border fencing between the United States and Mexico and doubles the number of Border Patrol agents. continue reading »

First Immigration Green Card Issued to Gay Married Immigrant

The federal government has issued its first green card to a gay marriage immigrant from Bulgaria. The Bulgarian immigrant is in a same-sex marriage to an American citizen and is benefiting from the historic Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). continue reading »

As Of Today, California No Longer Has A White Majority

The number of Latinos will match the number of white non-Hispanic population for the first time in California this month, according to the California Department of Finance. The same study also found that Latinos will become a plurality in 2014, continue reading »

Roybal-Allard Bill Would Help Families Stay Together

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) introduced the Help Separated Families Act, legislation to improve the likelihood that children taken into state custody following immigration enforcement actions against their parents can ultimately reunify with their parents. continue reading »

Mexico Hails Progress of Immigration Reform in Senate

The Mexican government hailed Friday "the important progress" signified by the U.S. Senate's passing of the immigration reform bill and repeated the need for "a shared vision" on the subject. continue reading »

Immigration Reform Will Ensure Immigrants Grow Old with Dignity

The historic immigration reform bill that is moving toward a final vote in the U.S. Congress will ensure that undocumented elderly Hispanics have "a dignified old age," Dr. Yanira Cruz, the president of the National Hispanic Council on Aging, or NHCOA, said Thursday. continue reading »

CHECK OUT:  Illegal Immigrant Camp Found in Texas (VIDEO)

Border Patrol agents raided an illegal immigrant camp in Texas that is believed to have been used by over 100 undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

Retailing Giant Macy’s Found to be Discriminating Against Immigrant Employees

The Justice Department announced it has reached a settlement agreement with retailing giant Macy’s over charges it discriminated against its immigrant employees. continue reading »

Undocumented Polish Immigrant in U.S. for 30-Yrs Deported While in a Coma

An undocumented, 69-year-old, Polish immigrant was deported while in a coma and after having lived in the U.S. for over 30 years. continue reading »

“Border Surge” Amendment Approved in 69-29 Vote in Senate

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday, by an overwhelming majority, approved an amendment to increase vigilance along the border with Mexico, a decisive step toward a final vote on immigration reform. continue reading »

Walls Are Not the Solution to Immigration, Says Mexico

"Walls won't stop migration," the Mexican government said Tuesday with reference to a Republican amendment to comprehensive immigration reform that calls for stronger border security. continue reading »

People With Money Could Buy Visa Under Immigration Reform

The U.S. Senate wants to create an “investor visa,” which would expand the current EB-5 program by lowering the investment threshold for foreign nationals seeking U.S. residency. continue reading »

Top Photos From Steve King’s Anti-Amnesty Rally

U.S. Representative of Iowa Steve King hosted an anti-amnesty rally on the east lawn of the Capitol building in Washington yesterday. An opponent of immigration reform, the Iowan representative has been very vocal during the continuing immigration debate. continue reading »