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Tag Results for "Immigration News"

Farmers Worry About Proposed Immigration Legislation

Farmers fear that if Georgia’s proposed immigration legislation comes into effect it will not only cost them time and money- it will put them out of business. continue reading »

NH House Committee Gives Unanimous “NO” to Anti-Immigrant Bill

Before the NH House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety even heard from all of the immigrants’ rights activists, law enforcement lobbyists, and business leaders who were waiting to testify against an anti-immigrant bill, committee members voted unanimously to recommend the proposal be killed. continue reading »

Sandstrom’s Tough immigration Bill Sails Through Utah’s House

HB 70 has been 10 months in the making and finally made it to the Utah House yesterday for a vote. Passing 58-15, even the sponsor was surprised by the strong support. continue reading »

English-only Bill in Minnesota Legislature is a Racist and Anti-Immigrant Attack

This year Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) has brought forward a bill for the third time in the state legislature, HF0064, to make English the official and only language of Minnesota. Senator Bill Ingebrigsten (R-Alexandria) is putting forward the same proposal in the Senate, SF0175. continue reading »

SFA, Oscar de la Renta & Other Fashion Leaders Join in Call for Easier Immigration Visa Requirements

Fashion icons like Oscar de la Renta to fashion retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue are calling on the government to ease visa application process for all international workers. continue reading »

Candidate Gets Prison Time for Telling Immigrants in Mailer They May Not Vote

A Republican running for Congress in Orange County California has been convicted of obstruction of justice when he told authorities he had no knowledge of a letter sent out in 2006 during the campaign. 14,000 letters were sent to Democrats with Latino surnames when Tan Nguyen was trying to unseat Democratic Rep Loretta Sanchez. continue reading »

ICE to Audit 1,000 Companies Hiring Records

The Obama Administration is increasing pressure on employers to only hire qualified employees. ICE will audit 1,000 companies’ I-9 files and the documents employees used to fill out the form. continue reading »

Gov. Barbour Once Lobbied for Mexico Regarding Immigration

A little explanation may be in Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s near future. Just this past Sunday, the Republican governor who has attempted to bring Arizona-style immigration laws to Mississippi, continue reading »

New Campaign Warns Iowa Listeners of Looming Threat to Constitution

A radio campaign launching February 14 will ask Iowa listeners to call Rep. Steven King, R-Iowa, and urge him to leave the Constitution alone. continue reading »

Michelle Obama Urges Latinos to Put Pressure on Republicans to Support Immigration Reform

In an interview with Univision, First Lady Michelle Obama said that President Obama wanted to pass immigration legislation but could not due to a lack of Republican support. Mrs. Obama calls on Latino’s to put pressure on Republicans to support immigration reform. continue reading »

9 Illegals Employed by Government

A raid at new Orlando VA Hospital this week reveled 9 undocumented workers at the construction site. continue reading »

Colorado Ski Industry Worried About Effects of Arizona-Style Immigrant Law

As Colorado’s legislature considers passing laws similar to Arizona’s SB 1070, the state’s ski industry worries that such measures would result in a loss of business, particularly from potential Mexican and Brazilian guests. continue reading »

Chipotle Fires More Undocumented Workers

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. underwent a two-year-long audit by he U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and beginning in Minnesota, they laid-off hundreds of workers unable to clear up questions about their immigration status. continue reading »

Texas Gov. Perry Invites Falcon Lake Widow to State Address as He Speaks of Border Security

At Texas’ State of the State Address, Gov. Rick Perry chose an interesting guest to join him as he spoke on the issue of border security. This past fall, Tiffany Hartley’s husband was allegedly murdered by Mexican pirates while the Hartley’s rode Jet Skis at Texas’ Falcon Lake. The area sits between Texas and Mexico. continue reading »

Florida Ruling on Immigrant Basketball Player’s Ineligibility Stands, Team Out of Playoffs

Tuesday, the Florida High School Athletics Association (FHSAA) upheld its original ruling on the matter of a foreign-born high school basketball player who was discovered ineligible to play. continue reading »

New Report Underscores Folly & Costs of Mass-Deportation Approach to Immigration

Pew Hispanic Center Report Reveals Limits of Enforcement-Only Agenda: Costs to Taxpayers Will Surge as Undocumented Will Burrow Further Underground continue reading »

Bill to be Considered to Register 110,000 Undocumented Persons Living in Utah

Utah Senator Luz Robles (D) has gained the support of a conservative Republican in the House who called her Immigration Reform Bill “a fair approach to the issue.” continue reading »

21 Criminal Aliens Arrested in ICE Enforcement and Removal Operation in Pennsylvania and Delaware

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) office in Philadelphia arrested 44 foreign nationals, 21 with criminal convictions, during a five-day enforcement continue reading »

First Hispanic In 20 Years to Head NAACP New Jersey Chapter

When J. David Alcantara was a young boy in Honduras, his mother, a seamstress, often had a hard time making ends meet, but when things got especially rough one year, a black family helped the Alcantara’s out, and he’ll always remember that. continue reading »

Federal Judge Bars Indiana’s Attempt to Amend Birthright Citizenship

A federal Judge has ruled that the state of Indian can not deny paternity documents for children born in the US because their parents are illegal immigrants and do not have Social Security Numbers. continue reading »