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Tag Results for "Immigration Laws"

Immigration: Issue to Watch

Long-bottled-up bills that address state policies on whether to offer in-state tuition to undocumented students could become law this year, because of changes in party control of legislative chambers and changes in federal policy. continue reading »

Who Needs Evidence? Congressman Pins Blame For Capitol Hill Burglaries On Undocumented Immigrants

Police on Capitol Hill are investigating a slew of thefts from House Members’ offices. The burglaries take place at night and the perpetrators usually steal “personal mementos and Congressional memorabilia that could be sold online. continue reading »

Anti-immigration Measures Have Negatively Impacted Arizona’s Economy

The state of Arizona is hurting its own economy by approving harsh measures targeting undocumented immigrants, according to a report by a libertarian think-tank. continue reading »

Report: Undocumented Immigrants Are Punished, Held in Solitary at Detention Centers

Undocumented immigrants in detention are often submitted to punishment and solitary confinement, according to a new report from two human rights organizations. continue reading »

Hispanic Leaders Believe Immigration Reform Will Occur in Next Presidential Term

Civil and political leaders from the Latino community meeting Tuesday for the annual conference of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute are confident that the presidential term that begins in 2013 will see the approval of immigration reform. continue reading »

Rubio Watch: Marco Rubio’s Forgotten Dream

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) continues to criticize the President’s smart move to protect DREAM-eligible young people from deportation—despite clear similarities between Obama’s action and the bill Rubio has talked about introducing for months. In an interview with Florida reporters, Rubio said the Obama program will end up binge a “bureaucratic nightmare” and make it more difficult to enact a permanent solution in Congress, according to La Opinion continue reading »

Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown: “Maryland Needs the Dream Act”

When President Obama announced his relief plan for DREAM Act-eligible youth last month, the move was applauded as a highly necessary development in the fight to give relief to undocumented youth in the only country they call home. One important thing Obama’s DREAM relief could not include, however, was any mechanism to help DREAMers pay their way through college. continue reading »

How Should Obama Administration Proceed with Deferred Action Program?

In a June 15th memo announcing deferred action for immigrant youth, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano gave USCIS 60 days to come up with a process that will allow these young people to affirmatively apply for the chance to work, study, and live in the U.S. without fear of deportation. continue reading »

Mandatory use of E-Verify Likely to Lead to Discrimination

Defenders of Hispanics in South Carolina warn that the law obliging companies to check the immigration status of new employees will spark discrimination against the community. continue reading »

Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Law SB 1070 is Important but Limited Victory

The Supreme Court invalidated most provisions of Arizona’s draconian anti-immigration law, known as S.B. 1070, including Section 6 which granted state police greater authority than federal officers to make warrantless arrests of anyone they suspected of being undocumented. continue reading »

A Breakdown of DHS’s Deferred Action for DREAMers

While headlines assess the significance of President Obama’s deferred action announcement last Friday, many are still sorting through the news to get answers to basic questions about who is covered under the new program. continue reading »

Deportation ‘Deffered’: DREAMers Celebrate Victory on Immigration

A coalition of DREAMers, community organizers, immigration advocacy groups and their various allies celebrated a hard-fought-for victory outside the White House Friday afternoon after President Barack Obama's wrapped up his remarks about the Department of Homeland Security's drastic shift in immigration policy that would suspend deportation and grant work authorization to undocumented DREAM Act-eligible youths. continue reading »

As Romney Ducks Question, New Polls Show Broad Support for President Obama’s Action

New polling documents that the general public, including Latino voters and independent voters, are broadly supportive of President Obama’s bold decision to protect hundreds of thousands of DREAM Act-eligible young people from deportation. Yet while the American public has decided and voiced its support, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney continues to avoid the question. continue reading »

TIME Magazine Profiles Dreamers: We Are American

Define America’s Jose Antonio Vargas wrote a long essay about his journey as an undocumented immigrant–the full article is still behind the TIME paywall, but an excerpt was provided: There are an estimated 11.5 million people like me in this country, human beings with stories as varied as America itself, yet lacking a legal claim to exist here. It’s an issue that touches people of all ethnicities and backgrounds: continue reading »

Unregistered Latinos and Eligible-to-Naturalize Green Card Holders Could Swing Elections

Infographic: Top 10 States with High Concentrations of Potential Voters. In some key battleground states, the number of eligible but unregistered Latino voters runs into the hundreds of thousands or even millions. continue reading »

Advocates Call on Obama Administration to Protect Immigrant Families, Not Deport Them

Nearly a year ago, ICE Director John Morton issued a memo on prosecutorial discretion which led to the review of 300,000 immigration cases currently in removal proceedings. Advocates initially applauded this announcement, hoping that the administration would move quickly to close low-level, non-criminal immigration cases. continue reading »

Filling Quotas or Setting Priorities? ICE Announcement to Increase Deportations Raises Concerns

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently announced that it would pull 150 agents from desk jobs and add them to Fugitive Operations Teams—teams created to locate and detain “fugitive immigrants” who pose a threat to the nation or the community or who have a violent criminal history—in order to find and deport additional “criminal aliens.” continue reading »

Congressman C. Gonzalez Cites Romney’s False Promises to American Families and American Business

Congressman Charlie Gonzalez (TX-20) criticized Mitt Romney’s attack on President Obama’s accomplishments and policies at a campaign stop in Fort Worth, Texas. Congressman Gonzalez issued the following statement regarding Romney’s attacks: continue reading »

RUBIO WATCH- STARS Act Highlights Potential Pitfalls of Rubio DREAM Proposal

When news broke yesterday that a Florida congressman introduced an alternative version of the DREAM Act, many assumed it was Sen. Marco Rubio, who has been promising for months to introduce such legislation. In fact, the bill in question—dubbed the STARS Act—was introduced by Rep. continue reading »

Florida Congressman Introduces His Complicated, Onerous Alternative To The DREAM Act

Immigration remains a divisive issue for Republicans, with a faction of the party backing anti-immigrant laws while others are more moderate. On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney tried to straddle the divide. He first promised to veto the DREAM Act to win over hard right primary voters, before saying in April that he would be OK with the legislation for people who serve in the military. continue reading »