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Tag Results for "Immigration Laws"

New Mexico Sued for Firing Latino Whistleblower- 1 of 3 states that OK licenses to Undocumented

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund filed a lawsuit against the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division on behalf of a Hispanic employee who was fired after she complained about its discrimination against Latinos. continue reading »

Immigrants, Latinos and Asians Contribute More to Your State Than You Think

Immigration has never been a numbers game. When people think of immigration in America, they likely call to mind fear-fueled myths perpetuated by immigration restrictionists, like “immigrants are stealing American jobs” or “immigrants are a drain on our system.” Sadly, numbers and facts have rarely been part of the discussion, especially as state legislatures continue to take immigration law into their own hands continue reading »

Immigration Reform Should be Humane say Catholic Bishops

Catholics should be politically active at both the local and national level to promote a humane reform of immigration law is the message coming out of a conference in Salt Lake City sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. continue reading »

Fox’s Habit Of Providing Cover For Sheriff Arpaio Continues

Fox, it seems, has now become the go-to network for controversial Arizona sheriffs. Last week, Fox News' Megyn Kelly hosted Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to address allegations that his office routinely violates civil rights laws. At the end of her show, Arpaio thumbed his nose at critics and announced on air that he was running for reelection. continue reading »

Federal Judge Blocks Part of South Carolina’s Immigration Law

A mandate that police verify the immigration status of people they suspect are undocumented is one of several provisions of South Carolina's immigration law that were blocked on Thursday by a federal judge. continue reading »

New Jersey Officer Charged With 58 Counts for Shaking Down Undocumented Immigrants

Rocco Malgieri has been accused of shaking down undocumented immigrants, telling them that unless they gave him money, he would turn them into immigration authorities. continue reading »

Restrictionist Lawyer Admits Long-Term Assault on Immigrant Children

Today, the head of the legal arm of one of the most notorious restrictionist groups in the nation boldly admitted his work on Alabama’s new anti-immigrant law aims to end continue reading »

Latinos in California’s Central Valley Lag Behind

A Latino baby born in rural and urban areas of California's San Joaquín Valley can expect to live 81.2 years -- about a year longer than the average Californian, but fewer years than Latinos in other regions of the state. continue reading »

Stephen Colbert to Alabama: ‘I Told You So’  (VIDEO)

As immigrant workers flee the stringent immigration laws in Alabama, no one picks the state’s crops. Who could have predicted this? Only Stephen Colbert. continue reading »

Court Upholds Key Parts of Alabama Immigration Law

A federal appeals court has temporarily restricted enforcement of some parts of the controversial Alabama HB 56 Law. The 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta issued a restriction today, after the U.S. Justice Department and a coalition of immigrant right continue reading »

10 Reasons Why Immigration Reform Is Important to Everyones Fiscal Health

All eyes in Washington these days are on the new congressional super committee. The 12 members from both parties in both chambers of Congress have been assigned the task of developing a plan to reduce the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next decade or risk setting off deficit-cutting triggers that will force sharp cuts to both defense and domestic spending. continue reading »

Green Card Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program 2013 Resources

The Department of State has released instructions for the 2013 Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2013). The 2013 lottery will enable 50,000 individuals and certain family members to immigrate to the United States from a pre-selected list of countries whose rates of immigration to the U.S. tend to be low. continue reading »

Deportations Hit 1 Million Since Obama Sworn -In- Sign Petition To HALT Dreamer Deportations

One million[1] -- as unbelievable as it sounds, that’s the number of immigrants the Obama Administration has deported since the President was sworn into office. continue reading »

David Vitter Is “Intimate” With Prosecutorial Discretion, but Wants to HALT Obama’s Use of it

You can’t make this stuff up. The Senate sponsor of the legislation that would strip President Obama of prosecutorial discretion to stop unnecessary deportation (the HALT Act) is none other than the Senator with the most direct and personal knowledge of discretion: David Vitter. Put simply, “Prosecutorial discretion” is the authority of an agency or officer charged with enforcing a law to decide whether to enforce the law in a particular case. continue reading »

Immigration Policy is Personal for Latinos

The most interesting trend from the June impreMedia/Latino Decisions (LD) poll is the personal relationship that the Latino community has with immigration policies. As reported here earlier, a majority of these voters (53%) said they know someone who is undocumented, while one-fourth (25%) said they know a person or family member who is facing deportation or who has been deported continue reading »

House Votes to Uphold DOMA-and Ban Same-Sex Weddings on Navy Bases

Family Research Council (FRC) praised yesterdays bipartisan majority approval in the U.S. House of Representatives of Rep. Tim Huelskamp's (R-KS) amendment to the 2012 defense appropriations bill that would block same-sex weddings on Navy bases, since this would be a direct violation of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman for all federal purposes. continue reading »

Pending a Resolution of DOMA, Immigration Judges Should Exercise Discretion to Stay Removal Cases

To date, five states plus the District of Columbia celebrate marriages of gay and lesbian couples and several other states honor such marriages. In addition, five countries, including Canada, permit marriages of gay and lesbian continue reading »

Alabama Brings Back Troubled Racial History With New Immigration Law

Alabama has joined other states in the Deep South on the immigration battleground, with its troubled racial history not far from the surface. The state signed the nation’s harshest immigration bill into law last week, with HB 56 containing almost every significant anti-immigrant provision that has been introduced in the past few years. continue reading »

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Consider Tough Immigration Laws

Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed bills that would add to the various of immigration laws around the nation. continue reading »

Arizona Style Immigration Bill Dies in Texas

As the clocked ticked down the final moments of the 82nd Legislative session, the prediction of some Senate Democrats that their Tuesday vote to block HB12 was the end of “sanctuary cities” came true. continue reading »