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Tag Results for "Immigration "

Immigration Reform Remains a Hot Topic At Both Parties’ Conventions

Democrats gathered in Charlotte for their party convention will vote Tuesday for a platform that, in contrast to the one approved by the Republicans last week, renews their promise to push for comprehensive immigration reform. continue reading »

Advocacy Group Fights Deportation of Hispanics in North Carolina

Hispanics in North Carolina have formed a support group for families whose members are facing deportation. continue reading »

Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio Believes Government Should Honor Him, Not Question His Tactics

The sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, said Wednesday in Tampa that the Obama administration should give him a "medal" for apprehending undocumented immigrants rather than investigating him for his methods. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Immigration Integration by the Numbers

From wage disparities to insurance coverage, the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) takes a look at immigration integration by the numbers. NIIC is designed to take the public dialogue on immigration beyond the border enforcement headlines and dive deep into the effort to diversify the American Dream by ensuring that immigrants have the opportunity to become integral members of the U.S. communities they call home. continue reading »

EB-5 Visa Program for Foreign Investors, Businessmen Set to Expire in September

Congress should extend the EB-5 visa program for foreign investors as a way to spur the economy, now that the country is facing the danger of another recession, experts consulted by Efe said Thursday. continue reading »

Republican Immigration Platform is Blasted by Activists

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta and other activists on Thursday criticized the "extremist positions" of the Romney-Ryan Republican presidential ticket against immigration reform and the DREAM Act, which would grant permanent residence to qualified undocumented youth. continue reading »

North Carolina Credit Union Offers “Dreamer Loan” to Alleviate $465 Deferred Action Fee

The Latino Community Credit Union of North Carolina has created a "Dreamer Loan" to keep students who qualify for Deferred Action from being left out because they don't have the money to pay the $465 application fee. continue reading »

California Community Center Helps Undocumented Navigate Immigration Process

A community center in Southern California opened in response to the increase in street violence during the 1990s is now helping young undocumented immigrants who want to regularize their status through the federal government's new Deferred Action program. continue reading »

Thousands Apply for Deferred Action in Chicago

Thousands of undocumented immigrants jammed the installations of Chicago's Navy Pier, where some stood in line all night to be among the first to apply for a new program that promises protection from deportation. continue reading »

Journey: Based On A True Story

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Discusses Immigration, the Economy on MSNBC

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports from Chicago where he has launched a campaign to build support in the business community for immigration reform. Mayor Bloomberg told Andrea Mitchell that immigration reform is the key to both maintaining and growing jobs and innovation in the United States, saying that having a nationwide mentality against immigration is "national suicide." A portion of the transcript can be read here, the full video of the "Andrea Mitchell Reports" interview can be found below. continue reading »

Activists Warn of Possible Dangers of Deferred Action in Video

A group of pro-immigrant activists in Chicago on Tuesday released an informational video warning about the possible dangers of deferred action, which on Wednesday will begin to register undocumented young people who want to try and postpone deportation. continue reading »

Case of Deported Mexican Fighting for Custody of Children is Postponed

The agony of the deported Mexican who returned with a special permit to North Carolina to fight for the custody of his three children continued when the scheduled trial at a state family court was suspended Friday. continue reading »

Campaign Launched To Assist Students Applying for Deferred Action

A coalition of civic groups launched Tuesday in Washington a national campaign to help thousands of undocumented students avoid deportation by means of a process known as "deferred action." continue reading »

Playing Both Sides of the Immigration Debate, Is Fox News Exploiting Hispanics?

Leading Latino leaders are criticizing the Fox News website Fox News Latino, saying it lacks credibility among Hispanics by profiting from them even as they are demonized by the conservative parent network known for anti-immigrant coverage. continue reading »

Less Mexicans Migrating to U.S. Due to Poor Economy, “Arizona Effect”

The recession that began in late 2007 and tough immigration laws pushed by Arizona and other U.S. states have slowed the growth of immigration from Mexico to its northern neighbor, according to a study released in Mexico City by the BBVA Bancomer Foundation. continue reading »

Obama Grants 25 Immigrant Armed Forces Members U.S. Citizenship

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday said that "immigration makes America stronger" while presiding over a ceremony welcoming some two dozen U.S. service members as newly-sworn American citizens. continue reading »

8 Cubans Escape From Immigration Detention Center in Mexico

A bulletin has been issued for eight Cuban migrants who escaped from an immigration detention camp in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, the National Migration Institute, or INM, said. continue reading »

Increased Numbers of Unaccompanied Minors Attempting to Cross U.S.-Mexico Border

The number of undocumented minors attempting the dangerous trek across the U.S.-Mexico border alone has risen, experts gathered at the University of San Diego's "Children at the Border" forum said. continue reading »

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