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Tag Results for "Illegal Immigration"

11 Central American Kidnapped Migrants Saved by Mexican Army

Mexican army soldiers freed 11 abducted Central American migrants and seized an arsenal in two separate operations in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, military officials said. continue reading »

Los Angeles Police Chief:  The LAPD is Changing Its Policy of Detaining Undocumented for ICE

During a press conference Thursday, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced proposed changes to the way the Los Angeles Police Department handles Immigration and Customs Enforcement detentions of some undocumented immigrant arrests. continue reading »

Romney Claims He Won’t Deport Undocumented Youth With Work Permits

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised not to deport undocumented youths who have benefited from the Obama administration's Deferred Action program continue reading »

California to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants

California may become the first U.S. state to grant driver’s licenses to some undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

Princeton Study: New Insights on the Effects of Migration on Child Well-Being

World Leaders Are Called on to Connect These Dots - As world leaders gather in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, women and children are certainly p continue reading »

Carlos Martinez-Aguilar Sentenced to 36 Months for Harboring Undocumented

An illegal alien from Mexico was sentenced Tuesday to 36 months in prison for harboring illegal aliens, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson, Southern District of Texas. continue reading »

Undocumented Student, Daniela Pelaez, Continues Fight for DREAM Act from Dartmouth College

Colombian-born Daniela Pelaez, who was on the point of being deported two months ago, is now studying at an Ivy League university and is the image of a foundation the helps other undocumented immigrants who, like her, are crying out for laws be passed that legalize their status in the United States. continue reading »

Immigrants Concerned About Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” Law, Moving to Other States

The entry into force of Arizona's "show me your papers" regulation could spur more immigrant families to leave the state even as activists and organizations prepare to fight the measure. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Economic Impact of the Republican and Democratic Immigration Platforms

At their respective nominating conventions this summer, the Republican and Democratic parties could not have adopted more different platforms on the question of how to deal with the 11.5 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States continue reading »

Arizona Police Fear Being Sued Over SB 1070 Provision

Arizona law enforcement agencies are concerned about the potential for lawsuits once the "show me your papers" provision of the state's controversial immigration law takes effect. continue reading »

Dish-Drying Rack Art Shines a Light on Border Crossers

According to the U.S. Migratory Political Institute, from 2000 to 2005, 7,178,000 detentions were registered at the U.S.- Mexico border.The border between Mexico and the United States is the continue reading »

Sheriff Will Not Be Charged for Threatening Deportation of Undocumented Gay Lover

An Arizona sheriff known for a hard-line stance on illegal immigration won't face criminal charges for allegedly threatening to have his undocumented gay lover deported, the state Attorney General's Office said Friday. continue reading »

After Building Section of Fence, Border Agents See Fewer Attacks at AZ-Mexico Border

One year after the construction of a new fence in this Arizona border town, the number of attacks on Border Patrol agents has dropped, as have the confiscation of drugs and the discovery of tunnels used by drug runners. continue reading »

Photo Project Gives Children Along U.S.-Mexico Border a Chance to Share Their Stories

Earlier this year, students on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border began learning how to use a camera lens to tell a story. A project called 20/20 FOTO: Cross Borde continue reading »

San Diego County Sheriff Being Pushed to Allow ICE Agents in Sheriffs’ Offices

Earlier this week, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore revealed federal immigration officers had been given desks in a number of several of the county’s sheriffs’ offices. continue reading »

Hundreds of DREAMers Expected at Benito Juarez High School At Event Hosted By Rep. Luis Gutierrez

Deferred Action Workshop Tuesday (8/21) at 4:00 p.m. CT For Pre-Registered Invitees Continues Effort to Satisfy Overwhelming Demand for Deportation Relief and Recruit Volunteers continue reading »

Arizona Mayors: Undocumented Students Should Get In-State Tuition Rates

The mayors of Tucson and Phoenix said Friday that they want young undocumented students who apply for Deferred Action to pay in-state tuition at Arizona community colleges. continue reading »

California Artist Neil Rivas’ “Illegal Superheroes” - Undocumented Comic Book Heroes (PHOTOS)

An Oakland, California artist is using comic book characters in his satirical poster campaign to address undocumented immigration. Neil Rivas has created a number of posters depicting the characters such as Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Superman, Thor, continue reading »

International Migrant-smuggling Ring Dismantled in Spain

Spanish police disbanded an international migrant-smuggling ring that provided Albanian citizen with forged documents and got them onto European soil at a price of 10,000 euros ($12,400) each. continue reading »

Sen. Dick Durbin, Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Messages for DREAMers About Deferred Action

In June, President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano announced that they would spare certain immigrants from deportation if they meet the general criteria of the DREAM Act continue reading »