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Tag Results for "Human Rights"

European Representative of Ladies in White is Denied Entry to Cuba

Cuban Blanca Reyes, the representative of the Ladies in White in Europe, complained Wednesday that Havana had denied her permission to travel to her homeland and visit her blind, 93-year-old father. continue reading »

Miguel Bose Pushes U.N. to Declare International Right to Peace

Peace is the essential requirement for the exercise of rights, Spanish singer-songwriter Miguel Bose said Wednesday. The acclaimed musical artist came to Geneva to urge the U.N. Human Rights Council to work toward a Universal Declaration of the Right to Peace. continue reading »

Ricky Martin Calls for Gay Rights in Puerto Rico

Singer Ricky Martin called Wednesday in a letter sent to the Puerto Rican House of Representatives for the legislative body to approve bill No. 238, which would prohibit discrimination due to sexual orientation on the island. continue reading »

Human Rights Group Concerned by Violent Deaths in Mexican Prison

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expresses its concern over the violent death of at least 13 persons at the Center for Social Re-adaptation for Adults (CERESO) No. 1 of the city San Luis Potosí, capital of the State of the same name, in Mexico. continue reading »

Cuba to Allow “Dozens” of Dissidents to Leave

The Cuban government is preparing to authorize "dozens" of political opponents to leave the country in the coming weeks, the chairman of the dissident Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation said here Wednesday. continue reading »

State Department Launches Journalism Security Hub in Central America

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Jane Zimmerman traveled to San Salvador on April 29 to participate in the launch of a regional Journalism Security Hub, in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day (May 3). continue reading »

IACHR Condemns Murder of Colombian Activist

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) laments the murder of Ever Cordero, who chaired a participatory dialogue process for victims of displacement in the department (province) of Córdoba, Colombia. continue reading »

Javier Bardem, US Activist Kerry Kennedy Advocating for W. Sahara Human Rights

Spanish actor Javier Bardem and U.S. activist Kerry Kennedy spoke out here Thursday in favor of expanding the scope of the U.N. mission in the Western Sahara to include monitoring the human rights situation in the disputed territory. continue reading »

Report: 53 Mexicans Currently Sitting on Death Row in the U.S.

Fifty-three Mexican nationals are in U.S. prisons awaiting execution, including 13 in Texas, which annually leads the nation in the number of people put to death. continue reading »

U.S. Senate to Look Into Rights of Mexicans on Death Row

The Senate has asked the Foreign Relations Secretariat for a report on the number of Mexicans on death row in the United States and efforts being made to provide them with legal assistance. continue reading »

Amnesty International Calls For Investigation of Deaths by Mexican Army

Amnesty International is calling for a "complete and impartial" investigation into the shooting deaths in northern Mexico of two young people who perished earlier this month at the hands of army troops. continue reading »

Human Rights Abuses Against Cassez Force CNDH to File Criminal Complaint in Mexico

Mexico's top human rights body has called for a probe into more than a score of current and former federal law-enforcement officials for alleged rights violations of Frenchwoman Florence Cassez, who spent seven years in prison on a kidnapping conviction before Mexico's high court ordered her released in January. continue reading »

Mexican Priest Gets Rev. Jackson’s Backing for Immigration Reform Caravan

The Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition is backing Alejandro Solalinde, a Mexican priest known for his work with Central American migrants, and the Caravan of Hope that will travel across the United States this spring to press for immigration reform. continue reading »

Mexican Priest Activist Criticizes Police Focus on Migrants

The Rev. Alejandro Solalinde, who is known for his work with Central American migrants, said during a conference in Mexico City that he was concerned about the government's increasing emphasis on policing in its immigration policy. continue reading »

Mexican Reporter Lydia Cacho to be Named to French Legion of Honor

France plans to name Lydia Cacho, one of Mexico's most prominent reporters, a Knight of the Legion of Honor on Friday, the French Embassy in Mexico City said. continue reading »

IACHR Condemns Murder Of Journalist In Brazil

The Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) condemns the murder of journalist Mafaldo Bezerra Goes, host of a radio program on the station FM Rio Jaguaribe, which occurred on February 22 in the city of Jaguaribe, state of Ceará, in Brazil. continue reading »

IACHR Calls On LatAm to Stand Up for LGBTI Persons

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) reiterates its deep concern on the homophobic, lesbophobic and transphobic violence in the region and urges States to adopt urgent measures to prevent homicides and acts of violence against lesbians, gays, and bisexual, trans and intersex persons (LGBTI), and against other persons perceived as such. continue reading »

LatAm Activists Facing Greater Intimidation, Says Amnesty International

Amnesty International said in a report released Friday that human rights activists throughout the Americas face "escalating levels" of intimidation and violence. continue reading »

Mexican Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Couples Seeking Marriage

Mexico's Supreme Court ruled in favor of three same-sex couples to whom the authorities in the southern state of Oaxaca had refused authorization to wed, bringing the country one step closer to general recognition of this type of union. continue reading »

Mexican Human Right Group Reports Murders, Disappearances Soar

Violations of personal rights have soared over the past six years in Mexico, with more than 2,000 people listed as missing and over 46,000 murders linked to organized crime groups, the Mexican National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, said. continue reading »