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Tag Results for "Hugo Chavez"

Some Venezuelans Doubt Positive Reports of Hugo Chavez’s Health

The Venezuelan opposition asked the government to release the latest medical report on President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering in Cuba from an operation made necessary by the reappearance of his cancer, the location and type of which have never been made public. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez has “Giant Will to Live,” says Venezuelan Vice President

Venezuela's vice president said Wednesday that head of state Hugo Chavez, now recovering in Cuba from his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months, remains undaunted by his illness. continue reading »

Latin America News: Ailing Hugo Chavez Sends Christmas Wishes to People of Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro told state television that Chavez telephoned him from the Havana hospital where he is recuperating to issue a "set of work orders." continue reading »

Venezuelan Vice President Gives Positive Update on Chavez’s Health

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is doing "well" as his doctors treat him for a respiratory infection that developed after he underwent his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months, the Andean nation's vice president said Thursday. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Recovering, in Stable Condition After Respiratory Infection

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has been recovering for more than a week in Cuba after an operation to deal with the return of his cancer, is in stable condition after his medical team treated him for a respiratory infection. continue reading »

Venezuelan President Chavez is “Totally Conscious”

The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, said Saturday that President Hugo Chavez is "totally conscious" and giving instructions from Havana, where he was operated Tuesday for cancer. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Undergoes Fourth Surgery in Cuba

The Venezuelan government announced Tuesday that the Cuban medical team attending President Hugo Chavez performed an "operational procedure" on him for a recurrence of cancer. continue reading »

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Reveals Cancer has Returned

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he was suffering from cancer once again and planned to return to Cuba on Sunday for another operation. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Jets Back to Venezuela After Treatment in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to his country after nine days of treatment in Cuba as part of his process of recovery from cancer, which has had him in the operating room three times since June 2011. continue reading »

President Chavez Chooses Maduro as New Vice President

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, just days after winning reelection for the 2013-2019 term, on Wednesday launched reforms in his Cabinet and named Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro as his new vice president, replacing Elias Jaua, who will compete in a regional gubernatorial election in December against opposition leader Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

Upon Learning Chavez has Won Venezuelan Election, Little Boy Inconsolable (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Hugo Chavez was announced the winner of the Venezuelan presidential election, but his opponent, Henrique Capriles, was not the only one disappointed. Capriles supports were upset, but one little supporter’s continue reading »

Venezuelan Authorities Search for Man Who Killed 7 After Betting Chavez Would Lose

A Venezuelan businessman who bet that opposition candidate Henrique Capriles would win the recent presidential election here killed the two people who won the bet and then used his vehicle to run down five people who were celebrating Hugo Chavez's win, police said Tuesday. continue reading »

Election Day in Venezuela Sends People to the Polls

Voters are heading to the polls Sunday to decide who will govern Venezuela for the next six years, with President Hugo Chavez, a leftist firebrand who has been in office for 14 years, facing a stiff challenge from Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

Will Venezuelans Re-Elect President Hugo Chavez Tomorrow?

Venezuelans are in their second day of reflection before before going to the polls on Sunday to decide whether to give socialist incumbent Hugo Chavez another six years as president or to sharply change course with challenger Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

China Sends Venezuela’s Second Satellite Into Orbit

Venezuela's second satellite, dubbed the Miranda, was launched Saturday in optimum weather conditions from the Jiuquan space center in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu, according to the Asian country's state television network. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Henrique Capriles in Tight Presidential Race

Rafael Delgado, director of the pollster Varianzas, carried out a study about the electoral campaign in Venezuela, along with the last two polls. continue reading »

Venezuela Presidential Election to be Monitored by 139,000 Members of the Military

Venezuela's Oct. 7 general elections will be patrolled by 139,000 troops, the head of the military strategic command, Gen. Wilmer Barrientos, said Monday continue reading »

Former President Jimmy Carter, Hugo Chavez Discuss Upcoming Venezuelan Elections

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he had a "pleasant conversation" on the phone with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and that he thanked him for describing the Andean nation's electoral process as "the best in the world." continue reading »

Fidel’s Son Says Castro is “Lucid and Working Hard”

The eldest son of former Cuban President Fidel Castro told Efe on Monday that his father is "lucid and working hard," despite having made no public appearance for several months. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Honors Mexican Singer Vicente Fernandez With Order of the Liberator

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez welcomed famed Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Fernandez to the Miraflores presidential palace, chatting and singing with the recording artist and honoring him with the Order of the Liberator. continue reading »