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Tag Results for "Hot Sauce"

Get the Lead Out: Ojo Con El Plomo In Your Salsa

Next time you are going to make some enchiladas with El Pato, careful you may be getting a mouthful of lead as well. A story from ABC News, in the LA Times, and also noted by the Environmental Health Coalition stated that researchers found high levels of lead in salsa. That is correct: some imported salsas used in our kitchens had traces of lead. Part of how this may have happened is a suspected connection to similar ingredients used to make candy—which in the past has been an issue that led to regulations in California to ban lead-tainted candy. continue reading »

Enraged Taco Lover Asks For Hot Sauce With 12 Gauge Shotgun

Angered that Taco Bell drive-thru employees failed to put hot sauce in his order, Jeremy Combs (30) returned with a shotgun to demand it! continue reading »