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Tag Results for "Honduras"

Ousted Former President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras Returns After 16 months in Exile

With thousands of supporters weathering intense heat, ousted former President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, returned to a hero’s welcome. Zelaya had been in exile for little more than a year in the Dominican Republic after being kicked out of office and the country by a military coup. continue reading »

US. Government Warns Honduras of Possible Al-Qaeda Infiltration

Honduran authorities are on "red alert" after U.S. government officials warned them that two top Islamist terrorists could be either in Honduras or heading there. continue reading »

Inter-American Development Bank Leadership to Visit Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras

The President of the Inter-American Development Bank, (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, will visit Costa Rica,Panama, and Honduras March 1-4 to move forward to discuss the development agenda of the Central American countries. IDB is the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean. continue reading »

Letter of Agreement Signed Between U.S. and Honduras for Regional Security Funds

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs William R. Brownfield, President Porfirio Lobo, and U.S. Ambassador continue reading »

UN Urges Mexico to Investigate Claims of Missing Migrants, Cite Possible Police Wrong doing

The United Nations human rights chief voiced deep concern over the fate of a group of about 40 migrants who have been missing since they were abducted in Mexico last month, and death threats to a prominent human rights defender assisting other migrants who escaped the kidnapping ordeal. continue reading »

Did Jamaica’s Military Kill Honduran Fishermen?  Honduras Thinks So.

On January 10, Jamaica rejected allegations that its coastguard used excessive force when attempting to stop a Honduran fishing boat January 7. continue reading »

U.S. Will Not Extend a $215 Million Aid Program to Honduras

The five-year, $215-million aid program to Honduras which helps the country’s farming and infrastructure will not be renewed government officials stated. The program, which ended in December 2010, created over 30,000 rural jobs, trained 17,000 farmers on new farming technologies and upgraded key highways in the country. continue reading »

Honduras Bus Shooting Leaves 8 Dead, All Women and Children, and Others Wounded

Honduran officials are reporting a bloody attack on one of their minibus transportation vehicles that left 8 dead and 3 wounded. continue reading »

After 2009 Honduras Presidential Coup Human Rights Abuses Continue

Honduran authorities should take concrete steps to end impunity for abuses committed after the country's 2009 coup, and to curb ongoing attacks against journalists, human rights defenders, and political activists, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. continue reading »

El Salvador Most Water-Stressed Country in Latin America

According to recent studies like the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) El Salvador will be the most water-stressed country in Central America in the future. continue reading »

U.S. State Officials to Visit Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo A. Valenzuela will travel to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador December 5-9 in a visit designed to discuss ongoing security cooperation, strengthening of democratic governance and renewed efforts to advance coordination on citizen security. continue reading »

Honduras Strengthens Its Financial Systems and Access to Finance

Honduras is working on strengthening and stabilizing its financial system while expanding access to finance with a $40 million international loan. continue reading »

Honduras Invests in Fiscal Reform

Honduras obtained financing totaling $45.8 million to support the country's fiscal reform efforts, which seeks to bolster macroeconomic stability and restore sustainable continue reading »

U.S. Diplomats Visting Guatemala and Honduras Focusing on Violence in Region

In Guatemala, Johnson will meet with Minister of Government Carlos Menocal, Attorney General Maria Mejia de Contreras, Police Reform Commissioner Helen Mack, International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) Commissioner Francisco Dall'Anese, and other members of the Guatemalan government to discuss law enforcement reform and pending legislation that will allow further security and justice efforts. continue reading »

State Department Honors Honduran for her Work with Women

The U.S. Department of State has named Lina Hortensia Martinez Loredo of Honduras, as "State Alumni Member". Her leadership and promotion of women’s leadership and community development is being recognized. continue reading »

Honduras to Boost Health Services for Poor Mothers and Children

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $27.5 million loan to help enhance the coverage and quality of health services in Honduras, mostly among poor women and their children. continue reading »

U.S. Signs Financial Commitments with El Salvador and Honduras

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signed separate Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with Honduran President Porfirio Lobo and Salvadoran Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez outlining the United States’ commitment to the Building Remittance Investment for Development Growth and Entrepreneurship (BRIDGE) Initiative in Honduras and El Salvador. continue reading »

¡Felicidades! Honduras on Your 189th Year of Independence

Today, all of Honduras is celebrating and rejoicing its 189-year old independence from Spain. The Spanish arrived in the 1500's and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region, enslaved native populations and decimated the island with smallpox. Independence came in 1821 when Honduras declared itself independent from Spain as did four other Central American countries. continue reading »

Honduran Massacre Linked to Drug Gangs

Honduras is reporting that at least 18 people were ambushed and killed at a shoe factory yesterday in the city of San Pedro Sula. At least four men burst into the factory and started firing assault rifles at the workers resulting in 18 young men between the ages of 17 an 24 being continue reading »

Murders of Honduran Journalists Seen as Threat to Democracy Says UN

The recent murder of a radio journalist in Honduras brings to nine the number of media professionals killed there so far this year, and prompted international officials at the United Nations (UN) to call for urgent action to stem the rise in violence against members of the press. continue reading »