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Tag Results for "Hispanic Research"

CENSUS: Only 14% of Latinos Have College Degree, Lowest Level Amongst All Minorities

According to the Census in 2010, 36 percent of the nation's population 25 and older left school before obtaining a degree. This includes 15 percent of the population that didn't earn a regular high school diploma continue reading »

PEW:  Record Number of Latinos Voted in 2010 Midterm Elections

A new study out by the Pew Hispanic Center shows that a record 6.6 million Latinos voted in last year’s mid-term elections. This finding disputes some earlier reports that Latino’s stayed home and also signals the influence they can exert in the upcoming Presidential elections. continue reading »

In Colorado Minority Student Population Grows, Yet Less Minority Teachers

In Colorado as the number of minority students has grown, the number of minority teachers working in the schools has declined – concerning students, parents and teachers alike. continue reading »

STUDY: Latin America to See Largest Increase in the Number of/Demand for TVs

A research firm is predicting that Latin America will be the fastest-growing market for new televisions between now and 2015. continue reading »

Hispanic Children Who are Not Reading Well by 3rd Grade, Twice as Likely to Not Graduate from H.S.

Educators and researchers have long recognized the importance of mastering reading by the end of third grade. Students who fail to reach this critical milestone often falter in the later grades and drop out before earning a high school diploma. continue reading »

Arthritis Has Limiting Effects on Hispanics More than Any Other Race

Arthritis affects approximately 50 million adults and specifically 3.1 million Hispanics in the United States, making it one of the most prevalent health conditions among U.S. adults continue reading »

STUDY: Hispanic Car Buyers Prefer Imports

TrueCar.com, the authoritative voice in new car pricing and industry trend information, today released a study based on Hispanic car-buying behavior in 2010 that shows import brands and models dominating the top 10 list. Hispanic car-buyers in 2010 made up seven percent of all new vehicle retail purchases in the U.S. continue reading »

Marketers Beware: Not All “Hispanics” Identify Themselves as Such

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is the fastest-growing demographic, but marketers have to be careful how they address the community, because not everyone defines themselves as “Hispanic” or “Latino(a)” or by race, says a new study. continue reading »

Study: HIspanic Children Learn Inactive Lifestyles from Parents at Young Age

“Lead by example.” A new study is showing that Hispanic children are following in their parents’ healthy (or unhealthy) footsteps. The study, published in Pediatrics this week, stated that “Hispanic parents play a critical role in setting physical activity patterns in their children.” continue reading »

Spanish & English Speaking Hispanics Dine Out Often, Go For Different Reasons

Hispanics now make up 16 percent of the U.S. population based on the 2010 U.S. Census, and are an increasingly important customer base for the foodservice industry in light of the some 9.8 billion restaurant visits continue reading »

Univision Adding Two New Spanish-Language Cable Channels to Line Up

Univision Communication is not satisfied being the number one Spanish-language network but wants to make a presence in the cable market by adding two new channels. continue reading »

Latinos in Texas Pay the Most to Keep Their Teenagers Driving

According to the survey titled the Economic Impact of Teen Driving: A Study Among Parents of 15-19 Year Olds Latino families are more likely to make sacrifices to keep their teenagers driving, and are paying more as well. continue reading »

Pharmaceutical Companies Looking to Better Reach the Hispanic Market

A new physicians study indicates that though pharmaceutical companies spend large sums of money on advertisements for their drugs, they are still not reaching the Hispanic market very well. continue reading »

Studies May Be Misrepresenting the Economic Progress of Mexican-Americans

Some researchers believe that certain studies have not accurately indicated the economic progress of descendants of Mexican immigrants in the United States, and actually underestimate the growth. continue reading »

President’s Approval Amongst Hispanics and Blacks Slipped in March

A Gallup poll released today shows President Obama’s approval rating is slipped amongst Hispanics and Blacks in March. continue reading »

59% of U.S. TB Cases Occur in Foreign-Born, Mainly from Mexico & Philippines

In the United States, the number of TB cases reported in foreign-born persons has remained virtually level, with approximately 7,000 to 8,000 cases reported each year from 1993 to 2008. continue reading »

35% Percent of Latina Women Have Children with More Than One Man

More than one-quarter of women in the United States with two or more children have had children with different men, a new study shows. continue reading »

Culture Shock & Stress Blamed for Nearly 15% of Attempted Latina Teen Suicides

It's part of a growing national crisis: 11% of Hispanic girls across the country admitted a suicide attempt, especially in New York where the rate is higher. Of especial concern is Brooklyn with a 21% Latina teen attempted suicide rate. continue reading »

21.5 Million Latinos Eligible to Vote, an Estimated 8 Million Still Need to Register

With 33 U.S. Senate contests and a Presidential election across 50 states in 2012, the Latino voter is positioned to have a bigger impact than ever on the political landscape of America. continue reading »

Sleep Less, Eat More: Study

People of normal weight eat more when they sleep less, a small new study finds. Columbia University researchers discovered that sleep-deprived adults ate almost 300 calories more a day on average than those who got enough sleep continue reading »