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Tag Results for "Hispanic Republicans"

Republican National Committee to Spend $10 Million for Outreach to Minorities and Women

The Republican National Committee has announced it will spend $10 million to outreach to minorities and women all while promoting minority leadership. This is part of the RNC's effort to update its image and attract more votes then it did in the 2012 Presidential election. continue reading »

Republican Party Rolls Out New Spanish Twitter Feed

The Republican Party rolled out a new Spanish-language Twitter feed on Tuesday, hours before President Barack Obama was set to deliver his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. continue reading »

Resurgent Republic: The Hispanic Challenge and Opportunity for Republicans

Resurgent Republic and the Hispanic Leadership Network jointly surveyed Hispanics who voted in the 2012 Presidential election in four critical states: Florida, Colorado, Nevada continue reading »

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to Speak at Republican National Convention

Officials from the Republican National Convention have revealed some of the speakers at the upcoming convention that include several first time female governors. continue reading »

Tough Job: Bettina Inclan is Republican Party’s Director of Hispanic Outreach

Bettina Inclan has what some would consider one of the toughest jobs for Republicans. In January, Inclan was named the Republican National Committee’s first ever Director or Hispanic Outreach. continue reading »

That Ship Has Sailed , Senator Rubio by Hector Luis Alamo jr

Two weeks ago, in a deft display of political maneuvering, Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio urged his party to tone down its anti-immigrant rhetoric. In front of a gathering for the Washington Ideas Forum, the 40-year-old Cuban-American senator underscored the need for the GOP to win back Latino and pro-immigrant voters: “The Republican Party should not be labeled as the anti-illegal immigration party. Republicans need to be the pro-legal immigration party.” continue reading »

NV Gov. Brian Sandoval Says He Will Not Run as Gov. Perry’s Vice President

Though Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has been public about his support of presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry, he recently stated that he has no plans to leave his present job to run as Perry’s vice president. continue reading »

Tea Party Dirty Tricks: Tea Party Member Joe Fletcher Circulated Petitions for Open Borders

Unbelievable. TEA PARTY candidates who are not for “open borders” have helped Olivia Cortes circulate petitions in Mesa for an “open border” candidate. Does the Tea Party really think we are not paying attention? This is the information age and the petition signatures are public record. continue reading »

RSLC Announces Launch of Project to Recruit Hispanic Looking to Become Politicians

Monday, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced, the launch of its Future Majority Project (FMP), which works to recruit and support qualified Hispanic and female candidates for legislative seats continue reading »

How Will Growing Hispanic Population Impact the 2012 Election ? (VIDEO)

The Hispanic Vote will shape and determine the 2012 national elections. How both the Democratic and Republican Parties respond to the new reality will be interesting. continue reading »

Memo to the GOP:  Courting Latino Voters Requires a Real Conversion on Immigration Reform

This week, the Republican-backed Hispanic Leadership Network is hosting a conference in South Florida to “provide a unique opportunity for center-right leaders to speak with—and more importantly listen to—the Hispanic community,” according to conference co-chair Jeb Bush. continue reading »

NM New Republican Gov. Susana Martinez Priority: Revoke Licenses of Illegal Immigrants

The newly elected governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, is making driver’s license for illegal immigrants a top priority. The first Latina governor, she is of Mexican-American descent, came in continue reading »

Hispanic Aurora Woman Named State GOP Co-chair

The new co-chairman of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee is now Aurora resident, Gabriela Wyatt. Saturday, Wyatt was appointed by party Chairman Pat Brady of St. Charles and received a unanimous vote from the state GOP committee. continue reading »

Republican Latinos: Governor Rick Perry is #1 Hispanic-friendly U.S. Politician of 2010 Elections

Somos Republicans, whose goal is to increase the Latino Republican voting block by 100% in two years, has announced the designation of the Texas Governor as the #1 Hispanic-friendly U.S. politician of the year. continue reading »

Final Latino Decisions Tracking Poll Indicates Democrats Winning Latino Vote

On this, the eve of the 2010 Midterm Elections, the Latino Decisions tracking poll finds a Latino vote more energized, more enthused, and significantly more Democratic than at the start of the general election campaign. continue reading »

Can an Anti-Immigrant Stance be the Winning Formula for Hispanic Candidates?

Three Hispanic Republican candidates are running for office in different parts of the country with strong anti-immigration stances and many are wondering how strong the Latino vote will be continue reading »

The Curious Case of Latino Republicans

In light of the GOP’s nasty attacks against Latino immigrants, how can any rational Latino vote Republican during the upcoming November 2nd elections? Worse yet, how can any Latino be a member of a political party whose national platform centers on blaming brown immigrants for most of the country’s social and economic ills? continue reading »