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Tag Results for "Hispanic News"

British Journalist Known For Nixon Interviews Dies, Age 74

Popular British journalist and television host David Frost, known for his hard-hitting 1977 interviews with former U.S. President Richard Nixon, has died, his family said Sunday. He was 74. continue reading »

Mariano Rajoy Says Tax Cuts, Economic Growth on the Horizon

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Saturday his government would announce plans to cut taxes within a year and predicted that the Spanish economy was "on the cusp" of growth. continue reading »

Parents of Latina Former San Antonio City Councilwoman Respond to Intolerance

A storm of controversy has settled over San Antonio, Texas, concerning the expansion of the City’s anti-discrimination ordinance. The expansion proposes the inclusion of LGBT persons under the ordinance’s protective umbrella. continue reading »

Tamayo Exhibition Showcases Artist’s Early Paintings

The exhibition entitled "Construyendo Tamayo, 1922-1937," which opened here this week at the museum that bears his name, aims to show the first works of this Mexican artist who became one of his nation's preeminent muralists. continue reading »

Top 5 Reasons Why Immigrants Play a Key Role in the Agriculture Sector

With Congress returning from August recess, immigration reform will be among the top issues for members of the House of Representatives. continue reading »

Director To Offer “Un Fin de Semana con Pablo Picasso” in Spanish in California

For the first time playwright and actor Herbert Siguenza will offer performances in Spanish of his play "Un Fin de Semana con Pablo Picasso" (A Weekend with Pablo Picasso) on the stage Sept. 7 to Oct. 6 at the San Diego Repertory Theater, where he will portray the Spanish painter at his studio in France in 1954. continue reading »

Michelle Obama Takes “Let’s Move” Campaign to “Sabado Gigante”

First lady Michelle Obama took her campaign against being overweight and childhood obesity to the popular Spanish-language television program "Sabado Gigante," where she spoke about the benefits of a healthy diet and physical exercise. continue reading »

Hispanics Join Civil Rights March on Washington

Hispanics joined forces with African-Americans on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington during which, among other issues, they again pressured Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform. continue reading »

California Artist Creates Cardboard Figures of Domestic Help in L.A.

Ramiro Gomez is combating "the invisibility" of immigrant workers employed in the mansions of Los Angeles by painting cardboard figures of them that he installs in the city's exclusive areas to remind people of their existence. continue reading »

Spanish Scientist Doubts Effectiveness of New Malaria Vaccine

The recent announcement of a new malaria vaccine discovered by researchers in the United States has revived hopes of a cure for the illness, but the prestigious Spanish immunologist Pedro Alonso said, in an interview with Efe, that "we shouldn't raise any false hopes" because "it's still not a vaccine." continue reading »

Spain Forecasts Unemployment Will Fall Below 27.1 Percent in 2013

Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said the 2013 unemployment rate would come in below the 27.1 percent forecast in an economic stability program sent to Brussels in April, while also predicting the country would emerge from recession in the second half of the year. continue reading »

Microsoft Says Steve Ballmer to Retire Within 12 Months

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will retire within the next 12 months once the process of choosing his successor has been completed, the company said Friday. continue reading »

Quarter of Mexican Migrant Workers in New Mexico Suffer Wage Theft

One in every four Mexican immigrant workers in New Mexico has been the victim of wage theft, but just 12 percent of those people filed a complaint or recovered their pay, according to a report presented Thursday. continue reading »

Check Out Chicago’s Own “Queen of Tape” Anna Dominguez

Chicago born artist, Anna Dominguez, has adopted tape as her medium of choice. Calling herself the “Queen of Tape,” Dominguez has created various masterpieces featuring skylines to notable celebrities using only tape. continue reading »

Immigration Reform will Lead to Job Creation, Says Conservative Group

The conservative American Action Network issued a communique saying that the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in June would create and average of 14,000 new jobs in each of the 435 U.S. congressional districts. continue reading »

Spain Requests EU to Investigate Concrete Reef Off of Gibraltar

The European Commission said Tuesday that it is acting at Spain's request to investigate the use of concrete blocks to create an artificial reef off Gibraltar, a British crown colony at the tip of the Iberian peninsula. continue reading »

Gibraltar’s Decision to Drop Concrete Blocks in Sea Angers Spanish Fishermen

More than 50 Spanish fishermen protested Sunday against the decision by Gibraltar authorities to drop huge blocks of concrete into the ocean near the enclave, a project that they say harms their work and livelihood. continue reading »

Hispanic Parents Protest Demolition of Public School’s Fieldhouse in Pilsen

A gathering of Hispanic parents demonstrated Saturday in protest against the demolition of the fieldhouse of a public school in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, which for three years they tried to make into a library. continue reading »

Young Spaniards Forced to Emigrate Due to High Rate of Unemployment

The economic crisis Spain has suffered since 2008 has increased the number of young people emigrating to other countries by 41 percent, due to the lack of work prospects any time soon in a country with a jobless rate among the young of 56.14 percent. continue reading »

Sheriff Arpaio’s Stunt is Criticized by Activist Group

Arizona activists described as a "publicity stunt" Friday the announcement by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that his deputies are going to place crosses in the desert as a warning to the undocumented and to save them from the dangers of crossing that parched land. continue reading »