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Tag Results for "Hispanic News"

Hispanic Evangelicals Announce Campaign to Provide Health Care Coverage to Clergy and Ministers

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) announced today Minister's Med as its newest senior partner. Ministers Med and the NHCLC teamed up today to bring access to healthcare to millions of uninsured church workers. continue reading »

Jeb Bush:  Republican Conservatives Need to Reach Out to Hispanics

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is urging his fellow Republicans, especially the conservative arm of the party to reach out to Hispanics, other wise risk not being politically relevant. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  Former US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Sentenced:3 yrs in Prison, 10 yr Probation

In November a Travis County, Texas jury convicted Republican Tom DeLay of illegally laundering money through the Republican National Committee to seven Texas political candidates during the 2002 election season. continue reading »

3 Former PA Cops to Stand Trial in Immigrant Death Case

Three Pennsylvania police officers are set to stand trial Monday after being charged with obstructing the investigation of the 2008 beating death of an undocumented immigrant. continue reading »

Male Model Renato Seabra Confesses to Castration, Murder, and Not Being Gay

20-year-old Portuguese model, Renato Seabra, confessed to the Friday night slaying of 65-year-old Carlos Castro but denied he is gay or that they were a couple. continue reading »

Why Aren’t Many Latino Parents Involved in Their Child’s School?

The first point to make here is that there is a difference between not being involved in your child’s school and not being involved in your child’s education. continue reading »

‘Dictionary of Americanisms’ Identifies All Words Used in Latin America, Even Spanglish

If you are trying to figure out the different versions of Spanish spoken in the Americas as well as the U.S. here’s a book for you: ‘Diccionario de Americanismos’. continue reading »

Deceased Army Ranger, Roberto Sanchez, Image Used In Online Dating Scheme

24-year-old, Florida native, Roberto Sanchez was killed in Afghanistan on his fifth tour of duty in 2009. His family has been grieving ever since and were slowly getting their life back in order when they were advised that a scam artist was using images of their deceased family member to seduce women he met online. continue reading »

Republican Texans Propose Legislation to Eliminate ‘Cesar Chavez Day’ as Texas Holiday

Republican State Representative Tyron Lewis of Odessa, Texas has filed legislation with this 82nd legislative state session to eliminate “Cesar Chavez Day” as a state optional holiday in the state. continue reading »

Daniel Hernandez, 20-Yr Old Hero at Tragic Arizona Shooting, Intern to U.S. Rep Giffords

Daniel Hernandez, a junior at the University of Arizona, was on his fifth day of his new job as intern to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords when life as he knew it changed. continue reading »

No Mixing of Doritos and Eucharist for Super Bowl Ad, Pepsi Decides

Doritos had all the right intentions, when it launched its very popular ‘Doritos Crash the Super Bowl’ ad contest giving the crafty and creative an opportunity to launch their ad idea in front of millions of Super Bowl fans on game day. continue reading »

Race Baiter Rush Limbaugh:“If Obama Had Not Been African American,He Would Never Been Elected”

Clearly the new Republican majority in Congress isn’t enough to quell, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s fear about where the country is going, since he is still race baiting. continue reading »

(Brighton Park) Public Building Commission Posts Year-End Results

Reports On-Target, Under-Budget Results for the Construction of Public Amenities Throughout Chicago's Communities. The Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC) today reported its year-end results citing the completion of 16 projects in 2010. continue reading »

First Hispanic Woman, Carolina Reyes, Elected President of Congressional Club

Democratic Congressman from El Paso, Texas, Silvestre Reyes, was beaming when speaking of his wife, Carolina when she was elected president of the Congressional Club. “I’m very proud of Carolina; she is a great ambassador for El Paso.” continue reading »

Obesity Kills 5x more People in Mexico than Drug War

Clothing manufacturers and designers in Mexico have all been receiving the same request recently, “More clothing in sizes large and extra large, please.” This request makes an alarming point: Many Mexicans are obese. continue reading »

U.S. Territories, Representing Communities of Color Stripped of Their Voting Rights by GOP House

While the U.S. House of Representatives was reading the Constitution yesterday it also was stripping the floor voting rights of delegates from U.S. territories, most of which are communities of color. continue reading »

Texas Sheriffs Oppose Proposed Anti-Immigration Law

When the legislature reconvenes on January 11th, they’ll be met with support and opposition from the state’s sheriffs. A number of sheriffs in Texas are saying they oppose their state legislators’ plans to push anti-immigration bills continue reading »

Reality TV Newest Duo: Vatican and Discovery Channel with Show on Real Exorcisms

The Exorcist Files is yet another reality TV show coming to you this spring. However, the fact that the Vatican decided to open up its files on real exorcisms and pending investigations is a first and should make for very interesting TV. continue reading »

Anti-Immigration Legislation Could Cause Texas Millions in Lost Mexican Investors

“The xenophobic agenda has come to Texas,” said a coordinator with the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance Adriana Cadena. Businesses, along with religious and civil rights groups say that new Texas anti-immigration legislation continue reading »

As Marc Anthony Settles his IRS Issues, Now J-Low Embroiled in her own IRS Investigation

Just last week various news outlets reported on Marc Anthony’s whopping $3.4 million tax bill and the liens that had been placed on his properties – apparently he has now made good with the IRS. continue reading »