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Tag Results for "Hispanic News"

Hispanic Radio Personality ‘Tattoo’ and Octomom Star in Fetish Video in Kiddies Nursery

This week TMZ revealed footage of Nadya Suleman, proud mother of 14, also known as the Octomom, in a fetish video with an adult male dressed in a diaper and baby bonnet. continue reading »

Logan Square Could Soon Have an Orchard

In Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project (CROP) board has been working to give the area not just more green space, but an actual orchard. continue reading »

Chicago Ties Washington D.C. for Worst Traffic in the Country

Done annually, this year's Urban Mobility Report from the Texas Transportation Institute has put Chicago on top, but that's not exactly a good thing. This year's report has Chicago tied with Washington D.C. as the cities with the worst traffic in the country. continue reading »

New Hispanic Health IT Initiative Announced

With the Hispanic population as the nation’s largest minority, HIMSS announces the establishment of a new HIMSS Latino Initiative to focus on health IT needs for the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino market. continue reading »

¡Ay Dios! Jesse James and Kat Von D are Engaged

After a highly publicized divorce from award winning actress Sandra Bullock just last year, Jesse James has announced he is engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D. continue reading »

GM to Invest Additional $540 Million Into Mexican Engine Plant

Thursday, accompanied by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, General Motors announced that it will invest another $540 million into its plants in central Mexico to produce two low-emission motors. continue reading »

Diversity in the Workplace Must Include Participation by Whites

As businesses are trying to create a more diverse work environment, a University of Michigan researcher says they often meet resistance from white employees, and that just can’t happen if they wish to create and inclusive continue reading »

In Mexico: More than 1,200 Plant and Wildlife Species At Risk

Environmentalists say that more than 1,200 species of indigenous wildlife and plants in Mexico are in danger. According to the Mexican Environmental Law Center (known as CEMDA), around 500 species are in danger of extinction, and another 700 are threatened. In 2001, the number of species on the verge of extinction was 372. continue reading »

Latinos Wanting a Voice in Compton

In Southern California’s city of Compton, no Latino has ever held office in a city position despite the area now being around 60 percent Latino. Since 1969, eight Latinos have run for city council, but not a one has won a seat in the previously African-American-dominant neighborhood. continue reading »

STUDY:  Bilingual Toddlers Have Edge Over Other Toddlers Who Only Speak One Language

Researchers from Canada’s Concordia and York universities have published their study in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology showing that bilingual toddlers have a cognitive edge over their monolingual peers. continue reading »

“Chit Chat” Poised to Become Latina Version of “The View”

If, during the last decade or so, people wanted a female perspective on current events, they’d tune in to shows like "The View" and see a young mother, black women, middle-aged women, and various guest stars discuss them, but one perspective always seemed to be missing, Latinos’. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  Two Miami-Dade Police Officers Killed When Serving Warrant

Officer Roger Castillo and an unidentified female officer from Miami-Dade were shot to death in a gunfight with suspects they were trying to serve warrants on. Officer Castillo, a father of three died at the scene, the female officer died at the hospital. continue reading »

Want a Roaring Good Taco - Try African Lion Tacos but Hold the Salsa

If you are wondering what more can happen in Arizona to put it in the news here it is: African lion tacos for $8.75. Boca Tacos y Tequila in Tucson is accepting orders for African lion tacos for anyone looking for something except continue reading »

Not as Many Migrant Workers Coming to Work in U.S. as Mexico’s Economy Improves

As the U.S. economy slowly creeps out of a recession, many who migrated to the states in search of work are now seeing there could be better opportunities back in Mexico. continue reading »

New Mexico Sheriff Greg Solano Arrested for Selling Bullet Proof Vests on eBay for Gambling $$

Greg Solano, the former sheriff of Santa Fe County, New Mexico was arrested on 251 charges of embezzlement and one count of fraud for an alleged scheme to sell bullet proof vests on eBay. He was arrested two months after confessing to the crimes. continue reading »

Latino Organizations Unveil Plan to Protect Social Security from Cutbacks

Today, Latinos for a Secure Retirement was launched to serve as a voice for the Latino American community in the fight to defend Social Security as new threats emerge against the 75 year-old program. continue reading »

Common Marketing Mistakes

You must have heard about the huge marketing blunders made by some of the most well known brands in recent history. Sometimes it is the result of misjudgment and at times it is some experiment going wrong. The nature of the marketing job is such that even the most proficient can make a mistake. continue reading »

National Hispanic Media Coalition Urges FCC to Study Effects of Hate Speech in Media Outlets

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), joined by a diverse collection of other organizations, reached out to leaders at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) continue reading »

Hispanic Population Increases In Rhode Island

According to a portion of the 2010 U.S. Census, Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country, is seeing a sharp rise in its Hispanic population. Titled the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, continue reading »

Two New Mexico Third Graders Caught Smoking Pot at School

The principal of Berrendo Elementary School is punishing two third-graders she caught lighting up marijuana cigarettes in the school’s bathroom. continue reading »