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Tag Results for "Hispanic News"

Chicago Area Firefighters Send Equipment and Themselves to Help Latin America

Last February, when an 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Chile, an Illinois’ pastor was startled out of his sleep. He awoke to find that in Rancagua, the city he was visiting, the buildings looked like they been “shook like shoeboxes.” continue reading »

Hispanic Fortune 500 Board Members Unite to Form Merchant Bank to Service Global Hispanic Market

Members of several Fortune 500 boards and other Latino leaders have formed Garcia Trujillo Holdings LLC, a management consulting, merchant bank, and venture capital firm to focus on the global Hispanic market. continue reading »

Rubix the Cat Survives Despite Being Shot 19 Times

To look at five-year-old tabby Rubix, one would probably not think this cat looked out the ordinary, but Kayla Haskett’s beloved pet was horrifyingly shot multiple times with a BB gun. continue reading »

DNA Test Points to Anthony Garcia as Semen-Tainting Yogurt Culprit

31-year old Anthony Garcia has been fingered as the culprit who put his semen in a free frozen yogurt sample at the local Sunflower Market in Albuquerque. continue reading »

Para las Personas Bilingües, Aprender un Tercer Idioma es Más Fácil

Un estudio israelí encontró que los niños de sexto grado que hablaban ruso y hebreo aprendían inglés más fácilmente. A los niños que saben dos idiomas se les hace más fácil aprender un tercero que a aquellos que sólo saben uno, según un estudio reciente. continue reading »

Colorado Ski Industry Worried About Effects of Arizona-Style Immigrant Law

As Colorado’s legislature considers passing laws similar to Arizona’s SB 1070, the state’s ski industry worries that such measures would result in a loss of business, particularly from potential Mexican and Brazilian guests. continue reading »

‘Cesar Chavez’ Holiday Reinstated at Univ. of Texas After Student Protests

Earlier this year when the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) abruptly canceled Cesar Chavez Day as a holiday, the protest amongst the Hispanic students continue reading »

More Hispanic Students Experience Success in Advanced Placement (AP) Classes than Ever Before

The College Board announced its Advanced Placement (AP) results for the class of 2010 and there was a lot of good news for minority students. continue reading »

Hospitals Often Fail to Follow Up on Tests, Study Says

Findings point to a 'substantial problem, which impacts on patients' safety.' As many as 75 percent of hospital tests are not followed up and this failure can have serious consequences for patients, including delayed or missed diagnoses and even death, according to a new study. continue reading »

Asst Attorney Gen. Thomas Perez Speaking to Latino Elected Officials on Redistricting

The following are comments made today by Assistant Attorney General Tomas Perez at a luncheon hosted by the National Association of Latino Elected Official on redistricting. continue reading »

Budget Officials Delay Proposal Designed to Stop Gun Runners Headed to Mexico

Budget officials in the White House have delayed federal investigators’ proposed gun control requirement intended to catch gun-runners to Mexico, for at least two months after rejecting an emergency request. continue reading »

Govt Reaches Settlement with NV School District to Ensure Equal Rights of English Language Learners

A settlement agreement with the Carson City School District in Nevada has been reached to ensure that all English Language Learner (ELL) students receive sufficient services as required by federal law, the Justice Department announced today. continue reading »

Royal Caribbean Crew Member Believed to Have Been Murdered in Cozumel

Police are investigating the possible murder of Royal Caribbean cruise musician that was found dead over the weekend in Cozumel. An autopsy of Monika Markiewicz of the cruise line’s Allure of the Seas ship, revealed that she suffered a blow to the head and drowned. continue reading »

Tequila Production is Ruining Nearby Land

In the Mexico town of Tequila, Jalisco, where the popular liquor is made, a little-known mess is being made of the land surrounding the distilleries. For every liter of Tequila produced, ten liters of hot continue reading »

New CNN en Español Program Discusses Issues Important to Hispanic Women

Attempting to point out the societal importance of women in the 21st century, CNN en Español has added a new program called “NotiMujer.” The show discusses “issues of interest” to women, including a segment called “The Woman of the Week.” continue reading »

Latino Council Asking For Revision of Juvenile Justice System

The United States' largest Latino civil rights organization is urging the government to make some changes to the juvenile justice system to allow for more fairness. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has claimed that Latino young people receive “harsher treatment” continue reading »

Growing Number of Hispanics Going From Field Hand to Farm Owner

A growing number of Hispanic immigrants are using their farming roots to go from field hand to farm owner all across America. continue reading »

Drug Cartels Making Money With Malware-Infected Software

Recently, Microsoft warned that drug cartels have moved into the production of pirate software which is likely to contain malware. Associate general council at Microsoft, David Finn is warning people that Mexican drug cartels like La Familia are selling counterfeit software continue reading »

100 Students Mount a Bag-Fee Mutiny in Spain, Aboard a Ryanair Flight

Over hundred passengers mutinied a Ryanair flight from the Spanish Canary Islands when several passengers were asked to pay a fee for outsized carry-on luggage, as they were boarding the flight. continue reading »

Non-English Speakers to Pay More at Waikiki Restaurant

A Hawaiian restaurant has recently caused a stir with its decision to add a surcharge to the bill of any customers who do not speak English. In Waikiki, restaurant Keoni by Keo's is under fire for adding on a 15 percent gratuity for patrons not speaking English. continue reading »