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Tag Results for "Hispanic Humor"

Artist Gives Celebrities a Chola Makeover

Call us crazy, but we cannot stop laughing at the "Cholafied" celebrities even though the artist, Michael Jason Enriquez, has not added new images in months. continue reading »

CHECK Out Video: Conquista Dora Explains Spain’s Conquest of Mexico

CHECK Out Video: Conquista Dora Explains Spain's Conquest of Mexico continue reading »

The 1.65 Million Reasons SF Giants Ramon Ramirez Doesn’t Care Being Called an Illegal Alien

Everyone is asking why SF Giant Ramon Ramirez hasn’t been raising Major League Baseball’s (MLB) roof and demanding the firing of a radio anchor who either in the heat of the moment called him an illegal alien or overtly displayed his racism for all to see. continue reading »

Spanish Love: Giving Up Billions for a Commoner that Looks Like Julio Iglesias

If you are in need of a feel good love story and are trying to figure out if money is more important than love & happiness (considering that none of us will have any thanks to Washington D.C) - I have a tale for you. continue reading »

Is Summer’s Eve Racially Profiling Our Privates?

If you are too enthralled with the debt debate circus and don’t have time or haven’t figured out how best to keep your privates clean during this repressive heat wave - Summer Eve’s has launched an aggressive advertising campaign to tell you. continue reading »

American World Cup Goalkeeper ‘Dunks’ George Lopez on A Dare (VIDEO)

Hope Solo, one of the darlings of the U.S. women’s national soccer team made an appearance on George Lopez and showed him just what makes her a great goalkeeper. continue reading »

L.A. ‘Carmageddon’ 405 Freeway Closing Features Erik Estrada (VIDEO)

Worry not my CHiPs - Ponch Poncherello loving fans: Erik Estrada is alive and well. He is even somewhat reprising his beloved character from the TV show that made him a household name (ok maybe not a household name) some 25 years ago. continue reading »

Tweet Jesus! El Papa aka The Pope Is Tweeting

I know the world is a mess and many believe it’s coming to an end especially when you watch the debt ceiling debate and the Real Housewives of Atlanta (I know eerily similar). But when the Pope, revered and known throughout the Americas, as El Papa, starts Tweeting and sending TwitPics Dios Mio you KNOW it’s the end of the world. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Says ‘Adios’ and Heads to Ol’ Mexico, I Mean Texas

In case you slept through the audible sigh of relief from the political left and the gushing tears from the ultra right - Glenn Beck's Fox Network show is NO MAS as of this Thursday. continue reading »

Why is a Chihuahua Dancing Flamenco Instead of El Jarabe Tapatio?  (VIDEO)

Why is a Chihuahua dancing the Spanish Flamenco instead of the Mexican Jarabe Tapatio? Ask and she might tell you. continue reading »

Why Latinos Love Nueva York: Male Pole Dancer with High Heels on Subway (VIDEO)

There are many reasons why Latinos love Nueva York but they have just added another reason to that list. Male dancer in high heels pole dancing on the L train - where else but in New York. Enjoy the view and thank God its not the usual rodent-on-NYC-subway-video. continue reading »

Finish the Holiday with a Good Laugh and the “People of Walmart” (VIDEO)

If you have enjoyed the photos (frightening the real thing) from the "People of Walmart" then you will enjoy the video paying homage to the beauties who show and show off at the retailer. We of coursed checked it out to make sure our abuelita, tio or tia was not featured in the video. Check it out. continue reading »

Hilarious Video on Stereotypes in 50 States All in 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

We know you are probably busy with family and friends on this Memorial Day weekend but no one is ever too busy to enjoy a quick and good laugh. Check out this video on stereotypes of our 50 states continue reading »

Movin’ On Up: The Mexican Maid Madness

On the heels of March Madness the American public is now being entertained by Mexican Maid Madness that includes moola, a mistress and a mystery. More importantly we are witnessing cultural assimilation by Latinas unprecedented and lofty in heights – well I exaggerate, but you get my point. continue reading »

Salsa Dog Dances to “I’m an Illegal Alien” and It’s FUN (VIDEO)

This pooch is just plain cute and talented and speaks Spanish – well actually understands it. Watch him dance to a salsa song and kick it up a bit when he hears “I’m an illegal alien”. continue reading »

Comedian George Lopez Pledges Donation to MALDEF from Arizona Show

George Lopez, comedian, actor and host of late-night talk show "Lopez Tonight," pledged $20,000 to MALDEF from the proceeds of his January 29 concert in Phoenix, Arizona. continue reading »

Will Venezuela NOW be Run by Two Baboons??

Alot of Venezuelans want to get rid of the 'monkey' running the country known as Hugo Chavez - well now word comes that another 'monkey' might be joining him, Colonel Gaddafi as he flees Libya. Can Latin America's left leaning nation handle these two first-class monkeys?? continue reading »

The Benchmark Just Got Lower for Who Can Run for Elected Office, Impossible but True

They said it couldn’t be done, but yes, the benchmark has just been lowered for who can run for office with ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ considering a Senate run in Arizona. continue reading »

What Do you Do When Your State is Broke? Sue the Government Over Immigration, of Course

What do you do when your state is broke, people’s public benefits cut and you’re on the heels of a mass shooting – why of course you sue the U.S. government. continue reading »

Cathy Cruz: Identified as Tumbling Texter, Might Sue Mall for Making her a Laughing Stock (VIDEO)

Cathy Cruz Marrero was a viral YouTube star even before she had a chance to dry herself off from her tumble into a Pennsylvania mall fountain. If you don’t know Cathy you know what she did last week when she fell into the Berkshire Mall fountain as she was texting and the embarrassing moment was captured on cell pone video that went viral. continue reading »