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Tag Results for "Hispanic Health"

Fewer Med Students Training as Primary-Care Doctors: Study

Shrinking number of general internists a 'pending crisis,' researcher says. As researchers warn of a serious shortage of primary-care physicians, a new study finds the percentage of medical students who want to go into general internal medicine has dropped sharply over the past two decades. continue reading »

Actress Adamari Lopez in Evanston for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sam’s Club and General Mills host a Breast Cancer Awareness event at the grand reopening of the Evanston location Friday, May 6, at 5 p.m. Hispanic superstar and breast cancer survivor Adamari Lopez will be on hand to meet with fans and sign autographs. continue reading »

Over 180 Nations Take Part in International Immunization Drive

Some 180 countries and territories are for the first time carrying out simultaneous United Nations-backed immunization campaigns this week, targeting diseases such as influenza, measles, polio and tetanus. continue reading »

Immunize to Protect Your Baby Against Disease

Immunization is one of the best ways parents can protect their infants and young children from potentially serious diseases. Check to see if your child is up to date on immunizations. continue reading »

Student Bullying Linked to Family Violence: CDC

Report finds bullies, victims and bully-victims face dangers outside of school. Student bullies, their victims and bully-victims -- those who are victimized and also engage in bullying continue reading »

U.S. Parents Want Kids More Active During School Day: Poll

A third think elementary schools should devote more time to PE, survey finds. A new poll finds that almost all parents of young children believe it's important for elementary school kids to get exercise during each school day. continue reading »

Mexican American Children in CA Exposed to 2nd Highest Amount of Flame Retardant Chemicals

A new study has revealed that Mexican-American school children in California are contaminated with up to seven times more flame retardants (also called PBDEs) than children in Mexico and their own mothers. continue reading »

Experimental Test May Warn of Premature Births

It identifies proteins in blood, but it's not foolproof. Researchers have developed a blood test that they say could help physicians predict whether pregnant women will deliver their babies prematurely. continue reading »

Los cirujanos que tienen resaca cometen más errores, según un estudio

En cirugías simuladas, estudiantes y expertos que bebieron excesivamente la noche anterior tuvieron peor desempeño. Los cirujanos que beben en exceso la noche anterior a la cirugía tienen más probabilidades de cometer errores al día siguiente, incluso hasta las cuatro de la tarde, según un experimento novedoso descrito en un estudio irlandés reciente. continue reading »

Hispanics Comfortable With, Rely More on Homepathic Medicine, But at What Cost?

Health professionals in Las Vegas are growing more concerned as a number of Hispanics are trusting their health to people not licensed as U.S. doctors. When hearing of deaths at the hands of unlicensed medical practitioners, continue reading »

Alzheimer’s Cases Could Double With New Guidelines: Expert

Although progression to dementia isn't inevitable, mild cognitive impairment now classified as Alzheimer's. The first new guidelines in 27 years for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease continue reading »

Health Tip: Some Foods and Drinks That Trigger Heartburn

Here's what to avoid. If you're prone to the painful burn of heartburn, don't just pop an antacid -- watch what you eat to avoid getting heartburn in the first place. continue reading »

Alcoholic Parents May Predispose Kids to Drinking Problem

Children of parents with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) are at increased risk for the same type of problem, says a new study from Denmark. continue reading »

Según una Experta, una Buena Dieta Incluye Muchos Alimentos Anticancerígenos

El cuerpo necesita una nutrición apropiada para evitar las enfermedades. Según un experto, bajar de peso puede ayudarlo a reducir su riesgo de cáncer si tiene sobrepeso u obesidad, continue reading »

National Council of La Raza Embarks On Unique Study of Diabetes Management in Latino Seniors

In a joint effort to improve the health of Hispanic seniors with type 2 diabetes, Humana and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) have launched a study to test the “promotores de salud” – or, community health worker – approach to help this patient population better manage their disease to improve their health and well being. continue reading »

Majority of Americans Give Quality of Health Care a C, D or F

Poll should be considered 'a wake-up call,' expert says. Most Americans believe the quality of health care in the United States is average at best, a new poll finds. continue reading »

Parents, Saying ‘Um’ and ‘Uh’ May Aid Learning

These pauses in speech alert toddlers to pay attention, researchers say. Parents who say "um" and "uh" when speaking to their toddlers aren't setting a bad example continue reading »

Health Tip: Understanding Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

Are you more likely to acquire it? Type 2 diabetes occurs when people can't properly convert food to energy that the body's cells can use. Food is broken down into a blood sugar called glucose. continue reading »

YMCA Survey Finds U.S. Parents Not Making Kids’ Health Top Priority

As parents face financial hurdles to keep kids active, YMCA's Healthy Kids Day™ makes physical activity easy, accessible for the entire family. Despite growing rates of childhood obesity and chronic illness among the nation's kids, continue reading »

U.S. Reports Drop in AIDS-Related Cancers

Improvement linked to advent of antiretroviral drugs, researchers say. Cases of AIDS-related cancers have decreased among people with HIV in the United States, but other types of cancer are on the rise in this group, a new study has found. continue reading »