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Tag Results for "Hispanic Health"

NICARAGUA: Dengue Fever Puts 5 Children in Critical Condition

Five children are hospitalized in critical condition after being infected with dengue fever in Nicaragua, where on the weekend a Cuban epidemiological delegation arrived to help fight the epidemic, a top government official said. continue reading »

STUDY: Bilingualism Strengthens Brain Muscle

People who are bilingual, or speak two languages, likely have more mental flexibility than those who speak just one language, according to a new study. continue reading »

Study Finds Alcohol Dominates in Pop Music Lyrics

Hit songs celebrate 'getting wasted,' with none of the downside, researchers say. Today's popular music often celebrates excessive drinking as a fun, beneficial pastime, even highlighting select booze bran continue reading »

Readmission Rates for Kids May Not Reflect Hospital Performance

Study suggests that parents should base decisions on other factors. Unlike the case with adult readmissions, higher hospital readmission rates for children may not necessarily continue reading »

Good Nutrition Can Boost School Performance

Start the day with grains, fruit and dairy. A healthy diet can help students excel in school, a registered dietitian says. One of the best ways to jump-start a successful school day continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH:  Using Community Health Workers Helps Mexican American Community Combat Diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes among Hispanic Americans is growing and their likelihood of being hospitalized for uncontrolled diabetes is two times greater than that of non-Hispanic Whites. Rather than a new drug, the prescription for controlling diabetes may be a person. continue reading »

STUDY: “Prediabetes” More Likely With Family History of Diabetes

However, the effect was strongest for people who were not obese. Before full-blown diabetes sets in, people typically develop a syndrome known as continue reading »

Michelle Obama Takes “Let’s Move” Campaign to “Sabado Gigante”

First lady Michelle Obama took her campaign against being overweight and childhood obesity to the popular Spanish-language television program "Sabado Gigante," where she spoke about the benefits of a healthy diet and physical exercise. continue reading »

Spanish Scientist Doubts Effectiveness of New Malaria Vaccine

The recent announcement of a new malaria vaccine discovered by researchers in the United States has revived hopes of a cure for the illness, but the prestigious Spanish immunologist Pedro Alonso said, in an interview with Efe, that "we shouldn't raise any false hopes" because "it's still not a vaccine." continue reading »

Genes for Eating Disorders and Alcoholism May be Linked

Twin study found ties between alcohol dependence and binge eating or purging. Alcoholism and certain types of eating disorders share common genetic risk factors, according to a new study. continue reading »

Being Bullied as a Child Can Leave Scars in Adults

The judge investigating last month's deadly train crash in northwestern Spain plans to question the officials responsible for railway safety as possible defendants. Highlighting the harm caused by bullying, a new study continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH: Hispanic Teen Drug Use Dramatically Higher Than Other Teens

The Partnership at Drugfree.org today released new research from the latest Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), a nationally projectable survey that tracks teen drug and alcohol use and parent attitudes toward substance abuse among teens. The research, sponsored by MetLife Foundation, shows that Hispanic teens are using drugs at alarmingly higher levels when compared to teens from other ethnic groups. It confirms that substance abuse has become a normalized behavior among Latino youth. continue reading »

Skin Allergies Can Flare Up in Summer Heat

Seasonal pitfalls include poison ivy, worsening eczema and hives, expert warns. Summer can be a particularly bad time for skin allergies such as eczema and continue reading »

STUDY: Heavy Coffee Drinking Tied to Shorter Lives for Younger Adults

But experts say research has many limitations. Hold the java and listen up: A new study suggests that people under 55 who drink four or more cups of coff continue reading »

Is Facebook Making You Unhappy?

Life satisfaction dropped as use increased among young adults, study found. Despite all the virtual socializing and "liking" involved, using Facebook is actually associated wit continue reading »

Company Tied to Stomach Bug Outbreak Stops Shipments to U.S.

Salad mix from Mexico has been implicated in Iowa, Nebraska cases; source of other infections is unclear - The Mexican company that distributes a salad mix tied to a U.S. outbreak of cyclospora illnesses said Monday that it was suspending shipments of the product to the United States. continue reading »

Boys and Girls May Have Different Obesity Risk Factors

Playing team sports, even drinking milk affected kids differently in study. While some behaviors increase the risk of obesity for both boys and girls, continue reading »

Salmonella Outbreak: 307 Sick in 37 States

More than 300 people in 37 states have been sickened to date in a major multistate outbreak of salmonella infection linked to baby poultry, U.S. government health officials reported Friday. continue reading »

Early Discipline Tied to Less Use of Drugs, Alcohol in Teens

A program to help correct disruptive behavior at ages 7 to 9 seemed to make a difference through age 17. Correcting disruptive behavior in young children could help prevent t continue reading »

Health Tips for College Freshmen

Advice for freshmen - For many young men and women, college is the first chance to assume responsibility for their own health. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers continue reading »