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Tag Results for "Hispanic Haters"

‘Racist’ Review of In the Heights Leaked in Nashville Newspaper

As the Broadway hit, In the Heights, was getting ready to debut at Tennessee’s Performing Arts Center it was the target of a ‘racist’ tinged review that was accidentally leaked on line. continue reading »

Is Lady Gaga the Nation’s New Chief Diversity Officer?

If anyone fears that America is trying to get rid of diversity initiatives fear not, we have Lady Gaga lovin’ the gays and promoting diversity all while wrapped in the flag of capitalism. continue reading »

What Do you Do When Your State is Broke? Sue the Government Over Immigration, of Course

What do you do when your state is broke, people’s public benefits cut and you’re on the heels of a mass shooting – why of course you sue the U.S. government. continue reading »

Hispanic Hate:  Hispanics Flee Connecticut Town due to Police Profiling and Abuse

The U.S. Justice Department continues to investigate alleged police abuse against Hispanics in the Connecticut town of East Haven. There have been multiple reports of Hispanics being harassed during traffic stops, falsely arrested and of even being physically abused while in police custody. continue reading »

‘Hispanic Hate’ Statement of the Week and It’s Only Tuesday

"I don't care about racial profiling. You know, sometimes it is good we are racially profiled, because the God's honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics,” continue reading »

DREAM Act Brings “Hispanic Haters” Out of Hiding

There is so much negative vibe on the Dream Act that at a certain point you have to shut it off – well that is until the hate’s started attacking my beloved McDonald’s. continue reading »