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Tag Results for "Hispanic Hate"

REPORT: Migrants and Minorities Continue to be Discriminated at Work

Migrant workers and minorities are among groups that continue to face discrimination in the labour market as a result of the global economic crisis, despite positive advances in anti-discrimination laws, the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) said in a report unveiled today. continue reading »

Chicago Hotel Chain Fined for Allowing Hispanic Employees to be Harassed

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced today that a federal judge has entered a $195,000 consent decree to resolve a national origin harassment lawsuit brought by the agency against the Hilton Lisle/Naperville Hotel in Lisle, Ill. continue reading »

Sam’s Club of Walmart Finds Out Hispanic Hate Can be Costly

Hispanic hate never pays let alone when you are one of the country’s largest employers. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) has leveled a continue reading »

Man Pleads Guilty to Crimes Against Hispanics and Racial Intimidation

The Justice Department announced today that Johnny Mathis, 47, of Lecompte, La., pleaded guilty to two federal crimes for shooting at the home of three Hispanic men living across the street from him because of the victims’ race and national origin. continue reading »

NJ Man Sentenced for Threatening Employees of Numerous Latino Civil Rights Organization

The Justice Department announced today that Vincent Johnson of Brick, N.J., was sentenced to 50 months in prison and three years supervised release for sending a series of threatening email communications to employees of five civil rights organizations that work to improve opportunities f continue reading »

Iowa Civil Rights Commission Reaches Settlement with Police Force Racially Targeting Latinos

In exchange for stopping the practice of racially profiling Latinos in a certain city of Iowa, the state’s Civil Rights Commission will not disclose the identity of that police force. continue reading »

More Anti-LGBT Attacks, Abuse on the Spanish-Language Program “José Luis Sin Censura” (VIDEO)

More than 30 organizations have sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski, urging him to swiftly act on the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's (GLAAD) complaint against Liberman Broadcasting and KRCA Los Angeles for broadcasting the program, José Luis Sin Censura. continue reading »

Men Charged with Hate Crime Related to Assault of Five Hispanic Men

The Justice Department announced today the arrest of Sean Popejoy, 19, and Frankie Maybee, 20, both of Green Forest, Ark., on charges related to a racially-motivated assault on five Hispanic men continue reading »

5 Arkansan’s Charged for Firebombing Interracial Couple’s Home

Jason Barnwell, 37, of Evening Shade, Ark.; Gary Dodson, 32, of Waldron, Ark.; Jake Murphy, 19, also of Waldron; and Dustin Hammond, 20, of Hardy, Ark., were indicted by a federal grand jury on civil rights continue reading »

2nd Death Sentence in Racially Motivated Murder of 9 yr Old Brisenia Flores

An Arizona jury has handed down a second death sentence in the murder of a Latino man and his 9-year-old daughter, who were targeted by border vigilantes continue reading »

Teen Sentenced to 55 Months in Jail for Racially Motivated, Fatal Beating of Luis Ramirez

Colin Walsh, 19, of Shenandoah, Pa., was sentenced today to 55 months in prison for his role in the fatal beating of Luis Ramirez, the Justice Department announced today. Walsh was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release and pay $550 to the Pennsylvania victim compensation fund, as well as a special assessment. continue reading »

State Sen. Claims Illegals Draw Benefits in OK & Introduces Bill to Deport

During a Senate Appropriations committee meeting Wenesday morning, State Senator Mark Allen proposed a bill (SB 820) which would call for deporting family members of illegal aliens who are incarcerated if those family members are also illegal and collecting public assistance. continue reading »

Texas State Rep. Claims Immigrants Bring the Plague and Polio to His State

In a recent interview with The Texas Tribune, State Representative Leo Berman (R-Tyler) flat out blamed undocumented immigrants for bringing tuberculosis, malaria, polio, leprosy, and the plague into Texas. continue reading »

Kansas House Judiciary Committee Rejects Arizona Copy-Cat Bill, HB2372 - Hate Groups Suffer Defeat

Kansas House Judiciary Committee Rejects Arizona Copy-Cat Bill, HB2372 The Bigotry of Rep Peck and anti-immigrant hate groups suffer defeat. continue reading »

Elizabeth NJ Police Officer Charged with Shaking Down Hispanics

Officer Rocco Malgieri would drive around seeking a victim for his next shakedown. The 19-year veteran typically picked out Hispanic looking men. The officer would pull over the chosen vehicle, usually without any reason. He would then demand between $100- $150 as a bribe for not turning in the victim for being in America undocumented. continue reading »

Rep Senator Lori Klein of Arizona Reads Letter Calling Latino Students ‘gangsters” (VIDEO)

During a debate at the Arizona State Capitol this week, gasps and anger were the reaction to the actions of freshman senator Lori Klein. Sen. Klein read a letter from a substitute eighth grade teacher that described most Mexican students as wanting to be "gang members and gangsters." continue reading »

MALDEF:  Latino Officers Charge City of Westminster, CA Police Department with Discrimination

This week the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) announced a lawsuit filed against the City of Westminster, as well as two former Police Chiefs of the Westminster Police Department, for discrimination against Latino police officers on the basis of their national origin. Plaintiffs have been denied promotions and Special Assignments, which can lead to promotions, in violation of the law. continue reading »

Two Pennsylvania Men Convicted of Hispanic Hate Killing Sentenced to Nine Yrs in Prison & $550 Fine

Brandon Piekarsky, 19, and Derrick Donchak, 21, both of Shenandoah, Pa., were sentenced today to nine years in prison for the fatal beating of Luis Ramirez, the Justice Department announced. continue reading »

Raleigh Police Try to Diffuse Email Rumor that “Gangs from Mexico’ are robbing Walmarts

Raleigh, North Carolina police have been working all week to calm fear amongst residents that ‘gangs from Mexico’ were robbing local Walmart shoppers at gun point. continue reading »

Govt Reaches Settlement with NV School District to Ensure Equal Rights of English Language Learners

A settlement agreement with the Carson City School District in Nevada has been reached to ensure that all English Language Learner (ELL) students receive sufficient services as required by federal law, the Justice Department announced today. continue reading »