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Tag Results for "Hispanic Education"

Hispanic College Enrollment Spikes(24%) Narrowing Gaps with Other Groups

Driven by a single-year surge of 24% in Hispanic enrollment, the number of 18- to 24-year-olds attending college in the United States hit an all-time high of 12.2 million in October 2010, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis of newly available Census Bureau data. From 2009 to 2010, the number of Hispanic young adults enrolled in college grew by 349,000, compared with an increase of 88,000 young blacks and 43,000 young Asian Americans and a decrease of 320,000 young non-Hispanic whites. continue reading »

Benedictine is Putting “Illinois Back to Work” with Tuition-Covered Program

National reports indicate most of the 9.2 percent unemployed have not earned a degree, which experts predict is the best way to locate and maintain future employment. Benedictine is the first university in the country to lead in helping the unemployed pay tuition continue reading »

Your Personal Learning Network

Who is in your personal learning network (PLN)? Or maybe we should first ask, What is a personal learning network? In this knowledge economy with every single thing continue reading »

Learning through Stories

I think most of us like a good story. We grow up asking for stories to be read or told to us in the off times when the action of the moment or day has slowed down. We may think of them as kids’ stuff, continue reading »

Relationships in Learning

If you think back to those classes or courses you loved the most during your education I think you will find that what made the course so compelling was the relationship you developed. It could be a relationship with the teacher. continue reading »

US Ed Sec Duncan Challenges Nation to Work Together to Make Hispanic Education a Priority

New Report on Comprehensive National and State Performance Data Shows Hispanic-White Achievement Gap Unchanged Over Last Two Decades. continue reading »

US Ed Sec Duncan Challenges Nation to Work Together to Make Hispanic Education a Priority

New Report on Comprehensive National and State Performance Data Shows Hispanic-White Achievement Gap Unchanged Over Last Two Decades. continue reading »

Reports Reveal Minority Men Face Toughest Challenges When Trying to Advance their Education

According to two recent reports from the College Board and Advocacy & Policy Center, minority men of all backgrounds face educational barriers that minority women and white men do not often experience. continue reading »

New Reports Reveal Alarming Facts About the Educational Experiences of Young Men of Color

College Board Reports Offer Insights into the Educational Challenges Faced by Young Men of Color and Outlines a Series of Concrete Recommendations for Addressing These Issues continue reading »

U.S. History Scores Increase at Grade 8 but Not at Grades 4 and 12, Minorities See Greatest Progress

Most Subgroups and Low Performers Show Greatest Improvement Since 1994. Eighth-graders earned the highest NAEP U.S. history scores to date. Still, only 17 percent scored at or above the Proficient level. continue reading »

Global Competence

In this day and age with all the technology at our fingertips the world appears to be getting smaller and smaller. Technology makes communication to the far reaches of the world spontaneous. continue reading »

The Wisteria Effect

This time of year my wisteria, which I nursed for about 5 years, is in bloom. It has a short flowering time lasting only a few weeks. But in those few weeks I find so much pleasure continue reading »

Fruits of our Labor

Here is a secret. I love to iron. Now I don’t like to iron everyone in the households clothing but I really do enjoy ironing my stuff. As a young girl growing up ironing or more specifically mangling continue reading »

Study: Air Pollution Is Greatest Near Schools With Minority Students

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that schools located in areas with the state's highest industrial air pollution levels had the lowest attendance rates—an indicator of poor health—as well as the highest proportions of students who failed to meet state educational testing standards. continue reading »


There are moments in our lives that can appear quite routine but actually are momentous. I recently found some essays I wrote and saved. It seems quite apropos at this moment as one daughter is about to be married and the other daughter is establishing herself continue reading »

Hispanics Improve Civics Exam Scores, Still Scoring Lower Than Non-Hispanics

The National Assessment of Educational Progress has released a report in which it states that students of all ages have poor knowledge of how the democratic process works, including one-third of high school seniors. Hispanics however, have showed some improvement. continue reading »

Old Dogs and New Tricks

I find that it is very easy to get stuck in the familiar. It doesn’t require much effort to get through the day and the familiar offers a level of safety that is quite reassuring on some days. continue reading »

Education Advocates Ask Government for Plan to Keep Hispanics in School While Working

Thursday, education leaders and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis were asked to create new education policies that would help Hispanic students balance school and work in order to lower the rate of those prematurely ending their studies. continue reading »


This year I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary, and in fact my husband and I have been “an item” for almost 34 years. I have worked at the same university for 22 years. continue reading »

A Gracious Goodbye

I have been on the faculty of the College of Management and Business at National Louis University since 1989. In this day and age of great mobility and job insecurity that is a very long time to work in one place. continue reading »