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Tag Results for "Hispanic Education"

“Does Your School Need a Fresh Start?”—A New Publication for Parents in English an

The Department of Education has unveiled a new publication that helps explain its program for turning low-performing schools into examples of educational excellence. continue reading »

Good Grades in High School Lead to Better Health, Study Finds

The “A” grades that high schoolers earn aren’t just good for making the honor roll — they also make them healthier as adults, too. Studies have long shown that education is linked to better health, but new research by Pamela Herd, continue reading »

Latinos in Social Media [LATISM] Campaign Lays Foundation for Ongoing Program to Support Libraries

An essential part of the mission of Latinos in Social Media is to support education, one of the biggest challenge our community faces right now. continue reading »

Taking the Lead on Educating Latinos in TX- in less than 40 yrs, 1 in 4 will be Latinos

In less than 40 years, one in four Americans will be Latino, and tens of millions of these Latino Americans will be young people. Those numbers represent tremendous potential: a vast and growing group of eager, responsible citizens — many from families who actively chose to be Americans. continue reading »

My Child is in Middle School- When Should I Consider College?

Many students attend a four-year college after high school graduation. They earn a degree once they have completed a program of study. A four-year college usually offers a bachelor’s degree in the arts (e.g., English, history, drama) or sciences (e.g., biology, computer science, engineering). Some four-year colleges offer advanced degrees such as a master’s or other graduate degree. continue reading »

Office Technology Training Program

Build your resume with Office Technology Skills - Register Today! Affordable tuition, Federal Student Aid for those who qualify, College credit towards a bachelor's degree continue reading »

Bullying Prevention and Response

For children and youth to thrive in their schools and communities, they need to feel safe and be safe — socially, emotionally, and physically. They need to feel as if they belong, and they need to feel valued. Youth, parents, schools, communities, continue reading »

U of I Awarded National Science Foundation Grant to Mentor Latino Students

Latino faculty at the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) are taking the lead to mentor the next generation of Latino scientists through a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant recently awarded to Gustavo Caetano-Anollés, Sandra Rodriguez Zas, Maria Villamil, and Jesse Thompson. continue reading »

Internships for Latinos in Chicago’s Health Fields

In Chicago, Latino teens are being given an early opportunity and experience in medical fields at hospitals like the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago. continue reading »

Internships for Latinos in Chicago’s Health Fields

In Chicago, Latino teens are being given an early opportunity and experience in medical fields at hospitals like the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago. continue reading »

New Mexico Hispanic Students lag White Students in Reading and Math Consistently for Six Years

A report released by the New Mexico Public Ed Dept that analyzed data to evaluate what was working and what was not in the education of Hispanic students. According to the report, the academic reading proficiency for Hispanic students stood at 47.9 percent, compared to 69.1 percent for white students. continue reading »

Young English Language Learners

There is a large and growing segment of English language learners, or ELLs, enrolled in American public schools, the majority (80%) of whom are native Spanish speakers. continue reading »

Good Cheer

During this holiday season I wish you good cheer, a prosperous and healthy new year, and family and friends to share in your bounty. I am someone who takes stock of where I am metaphorically speaking at the end of each year. continue reading »

Negotiating for Yourself

We negotiate all the time but we don’t call it that and when we hear we have to negotiate for something we panic! Negotiating is the art of discussing differences of opinion with the intention of resolving those differences in a way that leaves each side feeling comfortable. continue reading »

As the DREAM Act Lingers in Congress, Scholarships for Immigrant Youth Bring Hope

While DREAM Act supporters are worried about the bill’s passing after its delayed Senate vote, others are bringing hope and help to immigrant youth. continue reading »

Del Valle Promises Investment in Community Education Centers if Elected

Chicago mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle said that if elected, he promises to make education investments a top priority. Making this announcement at Monroe Elementary School, Del Valle said he would invest in community continue reading »

Groundbreaking Minority-friendly Florida College Celebrates 50th Anniversary

This week, Miami Dade College is celebrating its 50-year anniversary as not only a institute of higher education, but with the largest student body in the U.S.. MDC has 171.000 students from 182 continue reading »

Hispanic Washingtonian’s the Most Affluent in the Country

Recent Census figures are showing that the 700,000 Hispanics that call Washington, D.C. home are the most affluent with a median household income of $61,000. These figures also shows that one-in-four Hispanic Washingtonian’s have at least a four-year college degree, double the national average. continue reading »

Hispanic College Fund Unveils its New Look

The Hispanic College Fund (HCF) unveiled its new brand identity at its 17th Annual Portraits of Success Awards Gala, this past weekend. The new identity is based on the pursuit of its mission to develop the next generation of Hispanic professionals continue reading »

Hispanic Students Overcoming Barriers

When a new student enters Becky Young’s class, she starts as if they were in kindergarten — no matter what their age. “We start with pictures,” the 20-year veteran of Springfield City Schools said Friday. Young is the only English as a Second Language teacher in Springfield City Schools, working with five ESL tutors and 140 students. continue reading »