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Tag Results for "Hispanic Current Events"

LATINO BLOTTER:  Teen Tries Selling Baby Alligator on Craigslist or Trade it for Gecko

A sharp DNR officer noticed, 19-year-old Juan DeJesus’ Craiglist’s ad selling a baby alligator for $300. Under a ruse a DNR agent agreed to buy the alligator and go to DeJesus’ Chicagoland home to pick it up. continue reading »

Boston Marathon Bombings Being Investigated - No Suspects Yet

Boston authorities investigating the double-bombing at the Boston Marathon continue to look for suspects. Three people are confirmed dead and over hundred have been injured some with life threatening injuries. continue reading »

Rare Velazquez Painting Being Shown in U.S. for First Time

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art presented Monday Diego Velazquez's Portrait of Francesco I d'Este, one of the Spanish artist's most significant works and which is being shown for the first time in the United States. continue reading »

Salvadorian Police Recover 4-year-old Girl Abducted in Mexico

A 4-year-old girl who disappeared on April 1 in the city of Texcoco has been found in El Salvador and is "in perfect health," the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat said. Valeria Hernandez de Jesus was lured away from her mother, a vendor in Texcoco's Plaza Bicentenario, by a man, media reports said. continue reading »

Venezuela Holds Election to Fill Chavez’s Position

Venezuelans are heading to the polls Sunday to elect a successor to President Hugo Chavez, who died last month after a nearly two-year battle with cancer. continue reading »

Ecuador to Launch First Domestically Made Satellite in April

Ecuador will send its first domestically produced satellite into orbit in late April from a launch center in China, the Andean nation's president, Rafael Correa, said Saturday. continue reading »

Havana Bar Sloppy Joe’s Sees Major Upgrade

Sloppy Joe's, one of the legendary Havana bars of the 20th century for its bohemian clientele, its long bar and famous customers like Ernest Hemingway and Spencer Tracy, has reopened its doors after almost half a century in ruins thanks to a painstaking reconstruction aimed at giving the city back some important memories. continue reading »

What Country Has the Most Pot-Smoking 11-to-15 Year Olds?  Spain Came in Third Place

Guess what country has the most pot-smoking kids?? Before you say Mexico, Colombia or Bolivia where the majority of drugs are manufactured you are wrong. It is Canada. continue reading »

Brazilian Police Investigating Former President Lula for Corruption

The Brazilian Federal Police confirmed Friday that it has opened a new investigation of ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's possible involvement in corruption. continue reading »

Mexican Catholic Church: Cancun Playboy Casino Has to GO

The Mexican Catholic Church is offended, pissed and ready for a good fight against American lite-porn house Playboy. The Church, which views gambling as a place that “attracts criminal elements”, does not want one placed in front of its front door. continue reading »

Highly Regarded Journalist Murdered in Ecuador

Ecuadorian broadcast journalist Fausto Valdiviezo was fatally shot in his car, authorities said Friday. "We are dismayed by the murder of Fausto Valdiviezo. An embrace of solidarity for his family and the commitment that the murder will not go unpunished," the country's president, Rafael Correa, said on Twitter. continue reading »

Spain’s “Blancanieves” Receives Ariel Nomination for Best Ibero-American Picture

The big winner in Spain's Goya film awards, "Blancanieves," has been nominated for Mexico's Ariel prize in the category of best Ibero-American picture. continue reading »

Survey Shows 69 Percent of Americans Favor Legalization of Undocumented

Almost seven out of every 10 Americans would vote for a law giving undocumented immigrants a chance to become legal residents, according to a Gallup Poll published Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Cartels Set Goals to Infiltrate European Drug Market

The European Police Office said Friday that Mexican criminal gangs are trying to establish themselves as major players in Europe's drug market and reportedly have been involved in the region in cases of weapons and human trafficking. continue reading »

Telenovela Star Jorge Alberti Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Puerto Rican actor Jorge Alberti was admitted to a hospital Friday to undergo emergency surgery for a possible hernia, his agent said in a press release. continue reading »

Colombia Leads Latin America in Automation

Colombia, the South American country that is second in foreign investment after Brazil, has become the regional leader in applying industrial automation, experts told Efe at the Automatisa 2013 trade fair, which began earlier this week in Bogota. continue reading »

Loan Allows Argentina to Offer Basic Services Coverage in Disadvantaged Areas

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $250 million loan for a program to increase coverage of basic services in Argentina’s less developed municipalities, with emphasis on the poorest areas of the Norte Grande region. continue reading »

George Zimmerman’s Mother Rips Media, Says Arrest was ‘Solely to Placate the Masses’

The mother of George Zimmerman, the man being charged with the shooting death of Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, has written a letter to the public on the anniversary of her son’s arrest. In the letter, Gladys Zimmerman slams the media and says that Zimmerman’s arrest was “solely to placate the masses.” continue reading »

10th Annual MACO Art Fair Taking Place in Mexico City

The 10th MACO contemporary art fair is underway in Mexico City, showcasing the work of hundreds of both established and emerging artists from around the world. The fair, which runs until Sunday, is expected to draw about 35,000 visitors. continue reading »

Chilean Students Return to Protest Current Education Model

Chile's student movement on Thursday offered another demonstration of its clout, bringing tens of thousands onto the streets of the capital to demand the overhaul of an educational model that dates from the Pinochet dictatorship. continue reading »