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Tag Results for "Hispanic Current Events"

Voter ID Advanced in Virginia by Republicans

Virginia Republicans are moving forward with plans to tighten voter ID laws for the second time in two years. continue reading »

Mixing Diet Soda and Alcohol Raises Intoxication Levels, says Study

You may lose the pounds, but you’ll lose your balance as well. A recent study has shown that drinking alcohol with diet soda can get you intoxicated faster than if you were to mix your drink with a regular soda. continue reading »

Snowy Moscow Dealing with Most Extreme Winter in 100 Years

The Russian capital is experiencing its snowiest winter in a century, the municipal government's head of community services said Tuesday. "There hasn't been a winter like this one for 100 years. This year, the amount of snow exceeds the norm by more than 50 percent," said Piotr Biriukov. continue reading »

Swiss Jewelry Exports Rose 10.9 Percent in 2012

The value of Swiss jewelry exports climbed 10.9 percent last year to 21.4 billion francs ($23.5 billion) despite the economic crisis, the Swiss Jewelry Industry Federation said Tuesday. continue reading »

Experts Say Widespread Corruption Amongst Mexican Police is Tolerated

Police officers renting their patrol cars and uniforms to criminals, and paying supervisors for a particular beat are some of the common corrupt practices that occur in Mexico, where there is widespread social acceptance of corruption, experts said. continue reading »

Socialists Demand Rajoy’s Resignation Following PP Scandal

Spanish Socialist Workers Party, or PSOE, secretary-general and opposition leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba on Sunday called on Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to resign due to the corruption case involving the governing Popular Party regarding alleged clandestine payments to its leaders. continue reading »

Paraguayan Presidential Candidate Killed in Helicopter Crash

Paraguayan presidential candidate Lino Oviedo died in a helicopter crash in Chaco province, officials said Sunday. A search team found the wreckage of the helicopter, which went down Saturday night, at a ranch in the city of Presidente Hayes, media reports said. continue reading »

Colombia Prepares to Launch $2.25 Billion Road-concession Process

Colombia's National Infrastructure Agency, or ANI, said it will launch a road-concession process next week aimed at awarding an estimated 4 trillion pesos ($2.25 billion) worth of contracts for the construction of 550 kilometers (340 miles) of roads. continue reading »

Before We Bicker on Immigration, Let’s Agree on Definitions

If we’re going to get anywhere in this looming immigration debate, we’ve got to start in the same room, using words we all understand. I don’t mean this in a figurative sense, I mean it literally. continue reading »

FARC Says Willing to Free 3 Colombian Security Force Members

Colombia's FARC guerrilla group said Saturday they are willing to free two police captured on Jan. 25 and a soldier grabbed this week in the Andean nation's southwest. continue reading »

Rescue Workers Continue to Search for Victims Among Pemex Blast Debris

Some 2,500 rescue workers - aided by specially trained dogs - continued to pore through rubble Saturday at the Mexico City headquarters of state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, where an explosion two days ago left 33 dead and more than 100 injured. continue reading »

7 Killed in Shootout with Troops in Northern Mexico

Seven armed individuals were killed in a shootout with a convoy of soldiers in northeastern Mexico, military officials said. The shootout occurred Friday on a rural road near installations of state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos on the outskirts of Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas state. continue reading »

Paraguayan Police Seize 745 Lbs of Cocaine Stashed in Tomato Cans

A Paraguayan exporter was arrested in a police operation that found 338 kilos (745 pounds) of cocaine hidden in a shipment of 1,400 cans of a tomato product being sent to Spain, officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Honduran Mother Looking to Reunite with Daughter Pleads to Let Her Stay in Spain

Wendy, a Honduran residing in Spain, had not seen her 5-year-old daughter for four years, and after waiting 29 hours for Spanish immigration authorities to let the girl leave Madrid-Barajas Airport, now hopes she can stay in the country. continue reading »

White House Honors 23 Scientists with National Medal

U.S. President Barack Obama honored the work of 23 scientists and researchers in technology and innovation who in many cases started from scratch, but thanks to their enormous talent, surpassed all expectations. continue reading »

Indiana Pacers Defeat Miami Heat 102-89

The Indiana Pacers scored their second victory of the season over the Miami Heat, using a balanced attack to break down the defending champions' vaunted defense in a 102-89 home win. continue reading »

Why Democrats Don’t Have to Worry About Ted Cruz?

Not too long ago Ruben Navarette wrote a most revealing column entitled “Democrats should worry about up-and-comer Cruz. The column goes on to extol Cruz’s conservative values and how they perfectly matched those of the Hispanic community. continue reading »

Hispanic Youth Unemployment Reaches 13 Percent

Generation Opportunity, a national, non-partisan organization advocating for Millennials ages 18-29, is announcing its Millennial Jobs Report for January 2013. The data is non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) and is specific to 18-29 year olds: continue reading »

Hillary Clinton Steps Down as Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton formally stepped down as U.S. secretary of state on Friday with a letter to President Barack Obama and an emotional farewell address to the department she has run for four years. continue reading »

Gang Shootout Kills 4 in El Salvador

Four people were killed and three others wounded Friday in a shootout between rival gangs in the eastern province of San Miguel, Salvadoran authorities said. continue reading »