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Tag Results for "Hispanic Current Events"

Piensale al Pescado: What Fish is on Your Plate?

As Latinos we eat all kind and type of fish—at least as reflected how I grew up and based on the menus of any typical Mexican or Latino restaurant. continue reading »

Chile Mourns 16 Soccer Fans Killed in Bus Accident

Sixteen people died and 22 were injured in southern Chile when a small bus carrying fans of a local soccer team skidded off the highway and plunged down a ravine in southern Chile, an accident the country mourns and which once again spotlights the safety problems of those vehicles. continue reading »

Google Exec Eric Schmidt to Sell 42 Percent of His Stake

Google Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell up to 42 percent of his stake in the search-engine company, worth around $2.5 billion at the current share price. continue reading »

Bus Carrying Soccer Fans Plunges Into Ravine in Southern Chile Killing 15

Fifteen people including two children died early Saturday and 21 were injured when a bus skidded off the highway and plunged down a ravine in southern Chile, authorities said. continue reading »

650,000 U.S. Homes Without Electricity After Snowstorm

The huge snowstorm battering the northeast United States cause blackouts in some 650,000 homes and piled up more than 60 centimeters (2 feet) of snow in some states. continue reading »

6.9 Quake in Southern Colombia Injures 8, Damages 143 Homes

A total of eight people were injured and 143 homes were damaged by a magnitude-6.9 earthquake that rocked southwest Colombia, according to the latest report by the National Risk Assessment Unit, or UNGRD, on its Twitter account. continue reading »

Hundreds of Thousands Attempt to Break World Record at Rio Carnival

A crowd of revelers hundreds of thousands strong poured into downtown Rio de Janeiro on Saturday to celebrate Carnival to the rhythm of the Cordão da Bola Preta street band while trying to win a place in the Guinness World Records for the world's largest Carnival troupe. continue reading »

Nicaragua’s Largest Solar Plant to Open Soon, Says First Lady

Nicaragua will soon bring online the country's largest solar plant, a facility with the capacity to power 1,100 homes, first lady Rosario Murillo said. continue reading »

Colbert Satirizes GOP’s “Hispanic Outreach” - MUST WATCH!

In case you missed it, Steven Colbert took a satirical swipe at the GOP’s recently announced “Hispanic Outreach” during his nightly program on Comedy Central. continue reading »

Mexican Left Calls on Obama to Stop Deportations

Mexico's left-wing Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, called on U.S. President Barack Obama's administration to halt raids and deportations while an immigration overhaul plan that would provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented migrants "is debated and approved." continue reading »

Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Attempted Cathedral Bombing in Spain

An anarchist group has claimed responsibility for a thwarted attempt to set off a bomb at Madrid's La Almudena Cathedral, Spanish police sources told Efe Friday. continue reading »

Woman Defaces Famous Painting in French Museum

A young and apparently "unstable" woman used an indelible marker to deface the renowned painting "Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix, which was being exhibited at a branch of the Louvre in the northern French city of Lens. continue reading »

NASA Reaffirms Asteroid Will Not Make Contact With Earth

Asteroid 2012 DA14 will come closer to Earth than any previous object of its size during a Feb. 15 fly-by, but the space rock poses no danger to the planet, NASA said. continue reading »

Spain Apprehends Moroccan Terror Suspect

An Islamist militant from Morocco was arrested in the eastern city of Valencia on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in Spain and other European countries, the Spanish Interior Ministry said Friday. continue reading »

Group of Brazilians Take a Stand Against Effort to “Privatize” Rio Carnival

A group of Rio de Janeiro street troupes are crying foul over the numerous multi-million-dollar contracts with carnival sponsors and municipal authorities' growing control over the festivities. continue reading »

Investigators No Closer to Discovering Cause of Dreamliner Battery Fire

Investigators have yet to pinpoint the cause of a battery fire on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner sitting on a runway in Boston, the head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday. continue reading »

Mexico Screening Horses for Virus at Belize Border

Inspections of horses are being stepped up along Mexico's border with Belize to prevent animals infected with equine encephalitis from entering the country, the Agriculture Secretariat said. continue reading »

Latin America Entices International Wind Power Industry

Wind power has tremendous potential for growth in Latin America, where demand for renewable energy is high in Central America and the Caribbean, while Mexico has a favorable political environment for the industry, the Mexico manager for Danish wind power company Vestas, Adrian Katzew, told Efe. continue reading »

Police Dismantle Bomb at Cathedral in Madrid

Sappers successfully dismantled a bomb discovered Thursday next to a confessional inside Madrid's La Almudena Cathedral, Spanish police said. continue reading »

Police Question 8 in Connection with Tourist Rapes in Acapulco

Investigators have questioned eight people in connection with the rapes of six Spanish tourists earlier this week outside the Mexican Pacific resort city of Acapulco, a police commander said. continue reading »