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Tag Results for "Hispanic Culture"

Spanish Government: Royal Family and Monarchy Here to Stay

Spanish government has announced its commitment to maintaining a monarch and Spain's royal family. This confidence vote comes at a time when the monarchy is under seige for various reasons. continue reading »

Suerte Tequila

Suerte Tequila is barely 6-months old and is already winning awards for its Blanco and Reposado varieties. Suerte Tequila is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado while bottling and producing the tequila in Jalisco using blue agave. continue reading »

Pura Vida Tequila

Pura Vida Tequila produces three types: Silver, Añejo and Gold distilled in the town of Arandas in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Pura Vida's Gold brand Editor's Top Pick for 2013 by Beverage Industry News. continue reading »

Fish Tacos with Tequila-Lime Salsa

Try your fish tacos in a low-fat flour wrap topped with tequila-lime salsa and you can use the extra tequila to make yourself a tasty margarita. There is also an easy Pico de Gallo recipe with this taco recipe. continue reading »

Herb Wooden Boxes

Start growing your own cilantro, basil and other herbs in this handy cedar herb box created by Kaisa Dille. K. Dille offers wall mounted herb boxes, and framed planter boxes continue reading »

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy has Private Audience with Pope Francis

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had a private meeting with Pope Francis, the meeting lasted for 24 minutes in the Private Library of the Vatican. continue reading »

Everyone’s Favorite:  Mexican Guacamole

Everyone's favorite Mexican food staple - guacamole - this Mexican recipes reacquaints you with how to prepare the tasty guacamole to enjoy with chips or as a side dish continue reading »

BajaLibros Launches Spanish-Language eBookstore in U.S.

BajaLibros, one of the Latin America’s largest and most well known digital bookstores has announced plans to come to the U.S. continue reading »

Jalapeño cheddar Hushpuppies

Mexican Food: add a little zest to your fried cheeseballs with some jalapeño peppers. Add jalapeño to your cornmeal and cheese mixture just enough to add Latin flavor. continue reading »

Eva Longoria’s Devious Maids Gets a July Release Date on Lifetime Channel

Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry’s new hour-long soap opera about Latina maids – who would think that could be interesting – has a June 23, 2013 release date. continue reading »

Spanish Author and National Prize for Literature Winner Jose Luis Sampedro Dies

Spanish author and the 2011 National Prize for Literature winner, Jose Luis Sampedro has died at the age of 96 at his home in Madrid. The writer, economist and academic was known for his open critics of Spain's economic policies. continue reading »

Mexican Singer-Songwriter Reyli Preparing Romantic Album

Reyli, the Mexican singer-songwriter who popularized songs sung with Miguel Bose and Joan Sebastian, is preparing a new album with a romantic theme that will hit the market this summer. continue reading »

Mayan Objects Over 2,000 Years Old

Mexican archaeologists have found handicrafts from the Mayan culture in the southeastern states of Yucatan and Campeche, notable among which are ceramics some 2,300 years old. continue reading »

Pastel de Choclo Con Queso - Cheesy Fresh Corn Casserole

Enjoy an Ecuadorian version of pastel de choclo or pastel de humita which means corn and cheese casserole. This version has meet filing added to the corn mix. continue reading »

Farro-Pepita Breakfast Bread

Put some Mexican zest in your homemade break with this Farro-Pepita Breakfast Bread recipe. The break is hearty with a touch of sweetness. continue reading »

Celebrate National Empanada Day

Today is a day to honor one of Hispanic America’s greatest culinary creations, the empanada, on The National Empanada Day. continue reading »

25 Classic Mexican Film Restored in HD, Ready for Release

Film distributor Venevision International said it has completely restored 25 classic Mexican films in high definition and plans to release them. continue reading »

Bishops from Mexico Gather for 95th Plenary Assembly

The 95th Plenary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference of Mexico begins today, Monday, April 8 under the theme "The challenges of the Church in Mexico in these next 3 years." continue reading »

Witnesses Share Horrific Stories During Trial of Guatemalan Ex-dictator

A survivor of the massacres carried out by the Guatemalan army during the 1982-1983 rule of strongman Efrain Rios Montt said Wednesday at the retired general's genocide trial that soldiers "ripped out" the heart of one of his children. continue reading »

Azuña Tequila

Azuñia Tequila a brand of Intersect Beverage launches new packaging to capture its authentic roots and heritage found in the Jalisco Region of Mexico. continue reading »