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Tag Results for "Hispanic Culture"

Embroidered, Embellished Quinceañera Gown With Ruffled Skirt

A stunning Princess style dress complete with a corset bodice with embroidered embellishment and lace-up back. This dress is available in royal blue, light pink, and white. continue reading »

Oaxacan Tlayudas

Enjoy this popular appetizer from Oaxaca called 'Tlayuda' served on a large handmade tortilla with black-bean puree, shredded cabbage and your choice of toppings from chicken to shiitake mushrooms continue reading »

Are You Ready for Coca Leaf Beer?

Bolivians who have lived with the gifts and curses, some say, of the coca leaf for centuries have just found another use for the abundant green – beer. continue reading »

Señor Rio Tequila

Senior Rio Tequila has three offerings: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo, distributed in limited markets. The tequila is sourced from 100% blue agave and 80 proof. continue reading »

When is Dia de Las Madres Celebrated in Latin America?

Many of our readers believe today, May 10th, is the official ‘Dia de Las Madres’ day but that is only if you live in El Salvador, Guatemala or Mexico. In Mexico the day is such a grand occasion that many government offices are closed. continue reading »

Mexican “Unfried” Ice Cream

A skinnier fried ice cream version with a sweet crunchy cinnamon topping is found with this Mexican "unfried" ice cream recipe. continue reading »

Chicken Tinga Tacos

This is a favorite amongst food street vendors in Cuernavaca, Mexico - the chicen tinga taco, The shredded chicken meat is smoky thanks to chipotles in adobo sauce. continue reading »

Casta Weber Azul Tequila

Casta Weber Azul is an excellent añejo with one of the most beautiful hand blown bottle with the glass agave plant inside. continue reading »

Casa Dragones Tequila

Casa Dragones tequila is one of the more expensive on the market selling for $275 per bottle. Casa Dragones offers 5 types of tequila: blanco, joven, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo. continue reading »

Casa Tequila Herradura

Casa Tequila Herradura is one of Mexico's most beloved tequila that has been around since 1870. You can tour Casa Herradura and see the fields of blue agave and tequila-making production process continue reading »

Lettuce Wrap Turkey Tacos

Try this lighter side of your taco by replacing the tortilla shell with lettuce. The Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps have only 134 calories and take less than a half hour to make continue reading »

Hibiscus Flower Tequila Punch

Try out La Condesa's in Napa new take on the Tequila punch with this Hibiscus Flower tequila punch. Here you take some dried hibiscus and marinate with tequila, rum, limes and syrup. continue reading »

Borracho Beans

Enjoy this pinto bean recipes that cooks the beans low and slow for 7 hours in beer with bacon, tomatoes and jalapeños. continue reading »

Tequila Punch

Serve this yummy recipe by the ladle full. This tequila punch recipe uses any type of tequila along with pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine. continue reading »

Perfect for Spring: Grilled Spanish Calcotada

Perfect for springtime, grilled spanish calcotada. Here you grill calcots, a spring onion native to the Catalonia region of Spain. This vegetable is so revered it is given its own day of honor. Serve them blackened right from your grill. continue reading »

Tributo a Mi Padre Tequila

Launched in 2011 this premium tequila pays tribut to a Hispanic Standout Hector Barreto. Family runs a tequila farm harvesting blue agave plants to produce Blanco, Reposado and Añejo tequila continue reading »

Chicken Enfrijolada Tacos

Enfrijoladas look like flat tacos or the sister to the enchilada but they are none of that. With a enfrijolada you dip the hardened tortilla into a bean puree and then fill with your favorite meat or vegetarian stuffing. continue reading »

Chile Verde Shredded Pork

Try this New Mexican dish of shredded pork with chile verde that is cooked in a crock pot. The tomatillos, lime, jalapeños and Serrano chiles add just the right amount of zest. continue reading »

Tacos de Jicama

This easy to make taco recipe is full of vitamin C and low in calories according to Tortilla Republic, when you add jicama. The Mexican taco is a favorite when mixed up with interesting ingredients like jicama and chipotle aioli. continue reading »

Egg Tacos with Cactus for Breakfast

Load up your tacos with tons of vitamin C and fiber when you add cactus to your scrambled eggs. Cactus, known as nopales, are a great additional to your tacos and make a great breakfast dish. continue reading »