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Tag Results for "Hispanic Culture"

Quinceañera – A Young Girl Takes her First Steps into Womanhood

Under the wooden rafters of Notre Dame Catholic Church in Greeneville, Tenn., a young girl walks slowly up the aisle on the way to her womanhood. She is flanked by her mother and stepfather, and she follows a procession of young ladies in slim red dresses and gentlemen in white Navy officer’s uniforms continue reading »

Spanish Love: Giving Up Billions for a Commoner that Looks Like Julio Iglesias

If you are in need of a feel good love story and are trying to figure out if money is more important than love & happiness (considering that none of us will have any thanks to Washington D.C) - I have a tale for you. continue reading »

Bullfighting to Stay in Spain: “Artistic Discipline and Cultural Product”

Zapatero's government called the Ministry of Culture to be in charge of the "development and protection" of bullfighting from now on. continue reading »

Jalapeno Eating Champion Crowned - Fourth Win (VIDEO)

Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti claimed victory for the fourth time at the fifth annual La Costena "Feel the Heat" Jalapeno Eating Championship Challenge. Bertoletti, currently the second world ranked competitive eater in the sanctioned sport of Major League Eating (MLE continue reading »

Documentary on Latino Motorcycling Culture Premieres

La Banda Films today announced the release of the documentary film, Harlistas: An American Journey, premiering April 2011. The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Alfredo de Villa and follows the emotional journeys of real-life Harlistas continue reading »

Celebrate National Spanish PAELLA DAY With Us

Celebrate National Paella Day with us and learn how to make your own Spanish favorite. continue reading »

Tecate Beer to Advertise in English for the First Time

Tecate Beer, for the first time, will advertise in English in a new marketing effort to reach all Hispanic males, not just Mexican male immigrants. continue reading »

Cartoon Art Museum to Present First Ever Latino Comics Expo

Cinco de Mayo always brings many tasty treats and ethnic delights to the San Francisco Bay Area. In celebration of the season, the Cartoon Art Museum presents the First Annual Latino Comics Expo on Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8, 2011. continue reading »

Mexican Senate Approves Immigration Law Focused on Migrant Safety

Mexico's Senate approved a new Immigration Law to protect the 300,000 undocumented Central Americans who travel through Mexico on their way to the US every year. continue reading »

Mexicans Celebrating La Candelaria Today in Honor of Baby Jesus (VIDEO)

February 2nd, exactly 40 days after Christmas, is the date when Catholics traditionally celebrate the "Feast of Candelaria", or Candlemas, in which believers bring figures of the Baby Jesus dressed in finery, and exhibit them at churches. continue reading »

Hot ‘Saucing’ Your Children Making a Controversial Comeback (VIDEO)

Hispanics have been hot ‘saucing’ their food for years and have bragging rights over salsa, pico de gallo, picante and other such ‘saucing’ items. So when you read that hot ‘saucing’ has become popular via Dr. Phil, you pause to think what got lost in translation. continue reading »

Mexican-American Singer Jenni Rivera to Launch a Reality TV Show on Telemundo

Telemundo's mun2, the second most watched Hispanic cable network among Persons 18-34, announced its new reality series "I Love Jenni" continue reading »

Tamale Day at the McMahon’s

My youngest brother married one of the brightest and most talented women I know. She has even spoken in my classes as someone who started and sold a business and the students loved her as well. continue reading »

Iconic Trail Theater in Little Havana Set to Reopen

An icon of Hispanic theater, the Trail Theater, is set to reopen in the Little Havana district of Miami, under the watchful eye of Colombian actress Marisol Correa. continue reading »

Feliz Navidad to President Obama from Hispanics in Hawaii

Don Francisco de Paula Marin, a Spanish sailor, was the first Hispanic on record to arrive in 1794 on the beautiful island of Hawaii but not the last. Vaqueros or Mexican cowboys soon followed from California in the mid-1800’s to teach the locals roping and herding skills in order to manage the growing longhorn cattle population. Then Hawaiian’s decided to import a large Puerto Rican work force to work on the plantations. continue reading »

The Mother Lode of All Lotteries – Spain’s Christmas $3 Billion Lottery

Spain likes to kick off its Christmas season in a unique way. Today the many Spaniards partake of the Christmas lottery also known as “El Gordo” (The Fat One) and with a $3 billion prize kitty it certainly is the Fat One. continue reading »

Dr. Ana Maria Polo of ‘Caso Cerrado’ Writes First Book Sharing Behind the Scene Secrets of Hit Show

As the host of one of TV's most popular court shows, Dr. Ana Maria Polo is known for barring all secrets. Her popular Caso Cerrado presents scandalous and shocking legal battles. continue reading »

“Los Tigres del Norte” to Record an MTV Unplugged Session Along With Other Latino Music Stars

With at least 50 number 1 singles, and countless Grammy Awards, Los Tigress del Norte have been a staple of Mexican-American culture through generations, in a career that has spanned for 42 years. continue reading »

According to Literary Experts the Next Great Literary Talent May Hail From Latin America

London based 'Granta,' considered one of the most prestigious literary magazines has been a several decade long history of writing about and often discovering and thrusting into the limelight some of the world's biggest names in literature. But for the winter issue this year, the editors turned away from Britain and America and focused on Spain and Latin America, dedicating the Christmas issue to the best new writing emerging from the Latin and Hispanic world. continue reading »

Another Gift from Corporate America for Latinos:  Cha cha cha, Charmin and a Shithouse

It’s the holidays so when I hear someone is inviting me and mi familia to a ‘history-making event’ celebrated with ‘Latin sizzle’ in none other than New York City, I am on it. If that wasn’t enough Luis Fionsi was performing and I was going to get to Cha Cha Cha all night long. continue reading »