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Tag Results for "Hispanic Culture"

Gluten-Free Homemade Corn Tortillas

Where would the Mexican kitchen be without the tortilla. Enjoy Spicie Foodie's recipe for homemade corn tortillas that are gluten free and tasty. continue reading »

Tequila Gran Dovejo Awarded Best in Class for ‘2013 Spirits of the Americas”

The Gran Dovejo tequila has been awarded two ‘Best in Class’ recognitions at the 2013 Spirits of Americas Awards. The distillers third tequila type Gran Dovejo Añejo was also recognized taking home a Gold Medal in its respective category. continue reading »

500-Yrs Ago Spain’s Ponce de Leon Arrived in FL Looking for Fountain of Youth

It is believed that around April 2 or 3 of the year 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed on the east coast of Florida to claim the land for Spain and named it after the Easter feast of those days known as Pascua Florida. continue reading »

Tequila Tapatio Blanco

Tequila Tapatio Blanco arrived in U.S. market last year and has been well received for its 100% agave tequila grown on the Camarena Family estate originating from blue agaves growing there. continue reading »

DeLeón Extra Anejo Tequila

The DeLeón Extra Anejo Tequila is distilled in Guanajuato, Mexico made of 100% puro de agave tequila, characterized by its citrus and floral character all tinged with honey. continue reading »

Julio Iglesias Honored by Guinness Records: Top-Selling Latin Artist

Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias was honored by the Guinness records as the Latin artist who has sold the most records. Iglesias has sold more than 300 million discs in his long career. continue reading »

Sierra Milenario Tequila Blanco

Sierra Milenario Tequila Blanco is 100% de Agave tequila and is gently distilled three times according to a traditional process. Aromas of black pepper and the fruitiness give Sierra Milenario a unique taste. continue reading »

Latino Poetry Festival Kicks Off in Chicago

Chicago will play host once again to the largest international Latino Poetry Festival in the Midwest. The festival, which launches April 11, 2013, coincides with National Poetry Month and is free to the public. continue reading »

Olmeca Tequila Gold

Olmeca Tequila Gold is distilled by Pernod Ricard Mexico, S.A. de C.V.. It has been categorized as Joven tequila. Before bottling, Olmeca Tequila Gold was aged for 6 months, which is far more than the average for all Joven Tequila. continue reading »

Tequila El Jimador: Limited Edition Soccer Bottles

For the second consecutive year, el Jimador, 100 percent blue agave tequila, has released limited-edition soccer bottles. As the official tequila sponsor of Major League Soccer (MLS), the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams and the annual U.S. Tour of the Mexican National Team, continue reading »

Spicy Haberno Tequila Cocktail

Great gifting idea for the tequila lover. Here you added 2 tablespoons tequila and 1-2 habanero chiles with 6 cups fresh pink grapefruit continue reading »

Argentina Working on Creating 9,920 Pound Easter Egg - World’s Largest

A giant chocolate Easter egg made from 9,920 pounds of chocolate will be unveiled in Miramar, a city in the Buenos Aires province in celebration of Holy Week. continue reading »

Argentine Illustrator Wins Prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award for Children’s Literature

The Argentine children’s author and illustrator, Isol, has won the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial award for her body of work. continue reading »

Hedge Fund Honcho Buys Damaged Picasso for $155 Million

Pablo Picasso’s ‘Le Reve’ that was damaged by its owner casino mogul Steve Wynn, sold to hedge fund honcho Steven Cohen for a record $155 million. The sale represents the most an American has ever paid for a painting let alone a damaged one. continue reading »

Brazilian Chocolate Master Diego Lozano Creates Easter Sculpture Exhibit

Brazilian Chocolate Master Diego Lozano has prepared a massive chocolate sculpture exhibit for Easter for the residents of Rio De Janeiro to enjoy. continue reading »

El Salvadorans Want Assassinated Archbishop Romero Honored with Beatification

This week El Salvador is remembering and honoring Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Arnulfo Romero who was assassinated while celebrating Mass, 33 years ago this year. continue reading »

Brazil’s Booming Art Scene

The annual TEFAF (European Fine Art Foundation) report which gauges the art world has just come out and Brazil’s booming art scene got a lot of attention. continue reading »

Gen. Efrain Rios Montt Geneocide Trial Begins in Guatemala

The genocide trial of former strongman Gen. Efrain Rios Montt began Tuesday inside a packed courtroom in the Guatemalan capital. continue reading »

Hispanic Studies Returns to Arizona School District Curriculum

Starting next school year, the Tucson Unified School District will once again have to include in its curriculum courses on Hispanic and African American culture as part of a court-approved plan to settle a four-decade-old lawsuit over segregation. continue reading »

Spanish is Second Most Used Language on Twitter

Spanish is already the second-most-used language on Twitter, after English, the director of Spain's Cervantes Institute said here Monday. continue reading »