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Tag Results for "Hilarious "

Join The Daily Show’s Jason Jones in a Quest to Get Our Mexicans Back! (VIDEO)

As immigration laws get tougher and deportation rates augment, there are less and less Hispanics to do the jobs Americans won’t do. continue reading »

WATCH Hilarious Volskwagen Ad, and Learn Some Español! (VIDEO)

VW's latest ad for the Passat shows that anyone can drive the diesel version of the sedan for 13 hours between refuels, enough time to learn Spanish! continue reading »

Watch Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell Dance the Jarabe Tapatío (VIDEO)

Más vale tarde que nunca, better late than never, they say, so here, enjoy this Cinco de Mayo gem, in September. continue reading »

WATCH “Pop Up Video” Parody of Enrique Iglesias’ “Escape” (VIDEO)

Remember VH1’s “Pop Up video? Watch this Funny or Die, take on the classic VH1 show, featuring hilarious “Info Nuggets” of comedy actor (and Reserve Corps Lieutenant Colonel) Rob Riggle and Lauryn Kahn chatting about Enrique Iglesias’ 2002 hit “Escape” continue reading »

Chávez Looking Forward to Looking Like Yul Brynner

Come visit our Amigo ó Enemigo section as we analyze and dissect what is said by and about Hispanics. continue reading »

Streaker Gets Horned in San Fermin’s Run of The Bulls (VIDEO)

Taunting bulls in the nude. Daring, or just plain irrational? You be the judge! continue reading »

Pull The FUÁ From Within and Project Yourself Into The Universe With The FUÁ Game (GAME)

Remember this happy Mexican drunkie who formulated the FUÁ last week? Now you can be him, and annihilate zombies with pure FUÁ! continue reading »

What the Fuá is “Fuá”?

Rescued from a gutter by Méxican rescue officials, this man conjured, summoned, beckoned the almighty Fuá from within, over and over. But, what is it? continue reading »