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Tag Results for "Herman Cain"

WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on Herman Cain’s Picturesque Quips (VIDEO)

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert poked some fun at Republican Candidate Herman Cain’s “joke” about putting an electrified fence on the border. continue reading »

Is Herman Cain Electrifying Latino Voters or Trying to Electrocute Their Cousins Across the Border?

Let me start by saying I LOVE Herman Cain, he takes me back to the days when there were carnival barkers and this one has a foreign accent to boot. Well actually a Georgia accent which is the same thing to a Midwestern. continue reading »

Cain Trips Over The Constitution Again, Bungles The 14th Amendment At GOP Debate (VIDEO)

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has had his struggles with the Constitution lately, confusing it and the Declaration of Independence, misunderstanding a clause about bankruptcy, and failing to grasp the unconstitutionality of religious tests in determining someone’s fitness for employment. continue reading »

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s Ideas For Securing the Border: Moats and the Great Wall (VIDEO)

While speaking to an audience in Iowa, presidential candidate Herman Cain spoke of some interesting methods for preventing illegal immigration. continue reading »