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Tag Results for "Henrique Capriles"

Top 5 Latin American Politicos on Twitter

In the current digital age many politicians have been forced to evolve and adopt a social media presence. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Politicians have become more accessible to their constituents. continue reading »

No Discrepancies Found in Venezuelan Election Recount

A review of 100 percent of the ballots cast in the April 14 special election to choose a replacement for deceased President Hugo Chavez uncovered no discrepancies with the official results, Venezuela's National Electoral Council, or CNE, said Tuesday. continue reading »

Venezuela Captures “Foreign Intruders” from Colombia - Tension High between Countries

Venezuelan authorities apprehended armed intruders who apparently entered the country from neighboring Colombia, President Nicolas Maduro said. continue reading »

Capriles Continues to Fight for New Election in Venezuela

The campaign of opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles on Thursday asked Venezuela's Supreme Court to overturn the April 14 vote that resulted in a narrow victory for ruling-party standard-bearer Nicolas Maduro. continue reading »

Venezuela Agrees to Election Recount

Amid persistent political tension in Venezuela, the CNE election authority accepted opposition candidate Henrique Capriles's request for a review of 100 percent of the ballots cast in last weekend's special presidential election. continue reading »

Former Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Calls Off March

Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said Tuesday that he is ready for dialogue with President-elect Nicolas Maduro and he asked his supporters to abandon plans for a march in this capital to demand a recount of every ballot cast in last weekend's election. continue reading »

Protesting in Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro Named Official Presidential Winner

In Latin America news, protests in Venezuela continue after Hugo Chavez' successor Nicolas Maduro was elected President in a tight race. Supporters of Henrique Capriles are urging for a recount. continue reading »

Upon Learning Chavez has Won Venezuelan Election, Little Boy Inconsolable (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Hugo Chavez was announced the winner of the Venezuelan presidential election, but his opponent, Henrique Capriles, was not the only one disappointed. Capriles supports were upset, but one little supporter’s continue reading »

Election Day in Venezuela Sends People to the Polls

Voters are heading to the polls Sunday to decide who will govern Venezuela for the next six years, with President Hugo Chavez, a leftist firebrand who has been in office for 14 years, facing a stiff challenge from Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

Will Venezuelans Re-Elect President Hugo Chavez Tomorrow?

Venezuelans are in their second day of reflection before before going to the polls on Sunday to decide whether to give socialist incumbent Hugo Chavez another six years as president or to sharply change course with challenger Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Henrique Capriles in Tight Presidential Race

Rafael Delgado, director of the pollster Varianzas, carried out a study about the electoral campaign in Venezuela, along with the last two polls. continue reading »

Presidential Candidate Henrique Capriles Challenges Hugo Chaves to Debate

Opposition hopeful Henrique Capriles on Friday challenged Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to a debate on the nation's problems with exactly one month to go before the presidential election. continue reading »

Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Reveals Women are his Weakness

Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said that women are his "weakness" and added he was convinced that they will be the ones who win him the presidency next month when he faces off at the ballot box against President Hugo Chavez. continue reading »

Poll Shows Hugo Chavez Has Slight Lead Over Opponent Henrique Capriles

The Venezuelan research firm Varianzas reported, at a month and a half from the Oct. 7 presidential election, a virtual tie between President Hugo Chavez and the united opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. continue reading »

Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Henrique Capriles Addresses Military

The opposition candidate for the Venezuelan presidency, Henrique Capriles, said Saturday that a message he addressed to the armed forces went over "very well" and added that the "threats" of the "other candidate," a reference to President Hugo Chavez, will not divert his "energy" from the job at hand. continue reading »

Chavez Formally Registers as Candidate For October Election

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Monday went to formally register as a candidate for reelection in the Oct. 7 vote aboard a truck and cheered by thousands of followers. continue reading »

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Preparing for Another Surgery

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is running for re-election in October, announced Tuesday that he will have to undergo a new operation because "a lesion" was detected continue reading »