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Tag Results for "Healthy Kids"

Minorities Harmed Most By Fast-Food Outlets Near School

Effects on weight, exercise seem to be magnified for black, Hispanic teens, research suggests. Black and Hispanic teens who go to school near fast-food restaurants are more likely to be continue reading »

Veggies and Cheese as Filling as Chips For Kids, With Fewer Calories

Study finds tots who ate the healthier alternatives were just as satisfied. In a new study, children who were given combined snacks of cheese and vegetables co continue reading »

Junk Food Laws in Schools May Mean Healthier Kids: Study

In states with toughest regulations, kids more likely to maintain healthy body weight. States with strong laws about what foods can be sold at school outside breakfast and lunch programs a continue reading »

Cooking Class Benefits Kids in Many Ways

A program that helps elementary school students develop cooking skills while learning subjects such as geography, math, science and cultural studies may be one way to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity in the United States. continue reading »

Discovery Familia Joins Forces With the President’s Challenge

Network Commits to Inspiring Hispanic Moms and their Kids to Adopt a More Active and Healthy Lifestyle. Discovery Familia announced today that it will join forces with The President's Council on Fitness, continue reading »