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Tag Results for "Healthy Food"

Health Tip: Why Eat Lean Meats?

Avoid the fat - Meats are good source of complete protein, the University of Michigan Health System says. But eating meats loaded with fat can negate any of the nutritional benefits. continue reading »

To Improve School Nutrition, Involve Teachers and Parents

Junk-food 'interventions' decreased consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages by 30 percent. To improve school nutrition and get children to eat healthier, involve parents, teachers and school administra continue reading »

Health Tip: Choose Diabetes-Friendly Meals

What to look for when dining out. It may be a challenge to select diabetes-friendly meals from a huge menu of options. The American Diabetes Association continue reading »

Health Tip: Make Calorie-Sparing Substitutions

Swap fattening foods for lighter fare. You don't have to make big changes to your diet to see noticeable results. The American Dietetic Association suggests these small ways to trim those calories: continue reading »