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Tag Results for "Healthy Eating"

Boys and Girls May Have Different Obesity Risk Factors

Playing team sports, even drinking milk affected kids differently in study. While some behaviors increase the risk of obesity for both boys and girls, continue reading »

Health Tip: Keep Food Cravings at Bay at the Office

Suggestions to keep you on track with healthy eating - The office can be full of temptations that can derail your healthy eating plan, but if you're prepared you don't have to give in to those temptations. continue reading »

Kids’ Frequent Eating Tied to Less Weight Gain

But this won't hold true with unhealthy foods, expert warns. In what may seem a surprising finding, kids in a new study who ate more often over the course of a day continue reading »

Simply Fresh Fruit Partners with Latino Green Project for “Eat Right, Be Bright” Campaign

Inspired by Michelle Obama's Healthy Eating Initiatives, Simply Fresh Fruit partners with Latino Green Project to develop standards-based STEM curriculum at LAUSD continue reading »

MISSION: READINESS Wants Junk Food Removed From Schools

"Retired admirals and generals have been eagerly awaiting some common sense standards because kids are currently buying 400 billion calories of junk food at school every year," said Lieutenant General Norm Seip , US Air Force (retired). continue reading »

Eat Healthy But Cuidado with Superfoods

Are you familiar with superfoods? A story in The Guardian this week highlighted an issue that has been popping up in recent years: our “superfoods” are the regular foods of communities in other places. One case in example is quinoa from Bolivia—and how with our increased consumption, there is a negative impact on the communities that produce it. continue reading »

Study Shows Junk Food Taxes are Paying Off

Food-pricing strategies can reduce dietary inequalities, researcher says. Taxing soft drinks and foods high in saturated fats and providing subsidies for fruits and vegetables continue reading »

Health Tip: Treat Yourself Well During the Holidays

Don't neglect your health. The holidays can be physically, emotionally and financially overwhelming. So take care to avoid letting the stress of the season get you down. continue reading »

Smart Food Choices Key to a Healthy Barbecue

Lean meats, veggies, marinades good options for summer grilling, expert advises. Choosing healthy foods to barbecue -- and even barbecuing with marinades instead of high-fat sauces continue reading »

Get the Most Nutrition for Your Money!

Eating more healthfully doesn't mean you have to spend more money at the supermarket. A new guide in the March 2011 issue of ShopSmart, from the publisher of Consumer Reports, crunches the continue reading »

Gifts that Last, Healthy Gift Ideas

Computers, mobile phones and other gadgets often become out-dated before you even figure out how to use them. This holiday season, why not try giving gifts that will last a lifetime? Help your friends and loved ones stay healthy, and they’ll remember how much you care about them for years to come. continue reading »