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Tag Results for "Health Tips"

Health Tips for College Freshmen

Advice for freshmen - For many young men and women, college is the first chance to assume responsibility for their own health. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers continue reading »

Tips for Better Sleep in Summer Nights

Don't let longer daylight hours disturb your slumber. Those extra hours of daylight in the summer contribute to sleep problems experienced by many Americans, experts say continue reading »

Tips for Healthy, Safe Summer Grilling

Enjoy outdoor cooking while keeping cancer risk to a minimum, expert urges. For many Americans, summer just wouldn't be the same without a backyard barbecue continue reading »

Health Tip: After a Stressful Event

Avoid alcohol and drugs - A stressful event can leave you feeling worn out, anxious and, perhaps, unable to cope. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue reading »

Health Tip: Safely Store Food in the Fridge

Use a plastic container - Storing foods properly inside your refrigerator can help prevent juices from seeping out and contaminating other foods. The FoodSafety.gov website offers this food-storage advice: continue reading »

Health Tip: Keep Food Cravings at Bay at the Office

Suggestions to keep you on track with healthy eating - The office can be full of temptations that can derail your healthy eating plan, but if you're prepared you don't have to give in to those temptations. continue reading »

Space Heater Safety Tips Can Help Prevent Burns, Fires

Experts give advice on where to place, how to use devices. Many Americans use space heaters to provide extra warmth during winter, but they can cause burns and fires if not used properly, an expert warns. continue reading »

Health Tip: When Your Child Has a Headache

Follow these tips to soothe the pain - Headaches can cause big pain in little kids, and parents want to do whatever they can to ease their children's suffering. continue reading »

Health Tip: Dealing With Low Back Pain

Ask your doctor if medication may help - Low back pain can result from an injury or from degeneration of disks between the spine's vertebrae. continue reading »

Health Tip: Keep Active by Walking

Even if you're overweight - Walking is a great form of exercise, especially for people who are overweight and don't particularly like to do pushups or jumping jacks. continue reading »

Health Tip: Make Healthier Fast Food Choices

When you need a quick bite and a fast food drive-through is the nearest culinary offering, you may not have to settle for junk - When you need a quick bite and a fast food drive-through is the continue reading »

Health Tip: Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Here are some warning signs to watch for - Many children don't want to admit to being bullied, or ask an adult for help. So it's important to look for typical warning signs. continue reading »

Health Tip: Create a Winter Emergency Kit

Here's what to include - Creating a winter emergency kit can keep you safe in the event of bad weather, at home or on the road. continue reading »

Health Tip: Help Protect Kids from Flu

If they're 6 months or older, have them vaccinated - The immune system of babies and young children is still developing, which puts them at increased risk of getting the flu. continue reading »

Health Tip: If You Have a Cold

Here's what you can do to feel better - The common cold is caused by a virus, which means it shouldn't be treated with an antibiotic. But there are th continue reading »

Health Tip: Should I Be Screened for Prediabetes?

Who's at risk? - Prediabetes is a condition characterized by abnormally high blood sugar levels that are not so high that diabetes may be diagnosed. continue reading »

Tips on Coping With Grief During Holidays

Some comfort can be found for the recently bereaved, expert says. People who have lost a loved one in the past year can have difficulty coping during the holidays, an expert says. continue reading »

Veggies and Cheese as Filling as Chips For Kids, With Fewer Calories

Study finds tots who ate the healthier alternatives were just as satisfied. In a new study, children who were given combined snacks of cheese and vegetables co continue reading »

Health Tip: Control Holiday Stress

Shop now to avoid the last-minute rush - Holiday stress can quickly spiral out of control. But you can take steps to keep your holidays merry and bright, not frantic and frazzled. continue reading »

Health Tip: Balance Holiday Buffets With More Exercise

Take the stairs, not the elevator - If you tend to indulge in your favorite holiday treats, you may want to schedule some extra exercise to help offset those added calories. continue reading »