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Tag Results for "Health News"

Study Looks at Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

A new study reveals that there are more benefits to being a vegetarian. According to zeenews.com a new study from the University of Oxford states that being hospitalized or even death is 32 percent lower in vegetarians. continue reading »

Severe Respiratory Infection Kills At Least 5 Children in Mexico

At least five children less than a year old have died in the past few hours and 41 others are suffering severe respiratory infections in a highly marginalized area of the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas, officials said Saturday. continue reading »

North Carolina Surgeon Donates Medical Equipment, Trains Hospital Staff in Central America

A Hungarian cardiac surgeon with a "Latino heart" is directing from North Carolina a program that donates medical equipment to hospitals in Central America and provides training for their staffs. continue reading »

America’s Aging Crisis Will Only Grow Worse With Declining Immigration

As a recent story in The Economist notes, the conventional wisdom has long been that “because Americans have so many babies and welcome so many immigrants, they had more room to deal with the coming burden of pensions and health care for the elderly.” continue reading »

Health Tip: Think Before You Eat ...Are You Really Hungry?

Mindless eating can cause the calories to add up quickly, and before you know it your pants are more snug than usual. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers this advice to consider before you start eating: continue reading »

Veggies and Cheese as Filling as Chips For Kids, With Fewer Calories

Study finds tots who ate the healthier alternatives were just as satisfied. In a new study, children who were given combined snacks of cheese and vegetables co continue reading »

Health Tip: Choosing a Safe Christmas Tree

If artificial, make sure it's labeled 'fire-resistant' - Before you install and decorate your holiday tree, make sure it's safe for you and your family. The American Academy of Pediatrics m continue reading »

Obama Administration Moves Forward to Implement Health Care Law

The Obama administration moved forward today to implement provisions in the health care law that would make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. The provisions of the Affordable Care Act also would make it easier for consumers to compare health plans, and employers to promote and encourage employee wellness. continue reading »

“Macho” Camacho’s Case Raises Debate of Brain-Death Guidelines in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's health ombudsman announced the creation of a commission to examine the creation of guidelines on the procedure to follow in cases of patients diagnosed as brain dead. continue reading »

VIEWPOINT: The Emerging Pro-Choice Majority

Abortion rights, we’re told, are our Great Divider. America is cleaved in two. Fifty unremitting percent on either side. There is no United States of America, only pro and anti choice America. But what if that’s not true? Or, more precisely, what if that won’t be true for much longer? continue reading »

Cuba Has Performed 20 Sex-Change Operations for Transexuals

The number of Cuban transsexuals who have had sex-change surgery has risen to 20, according to figures released by Mariela Castro, director of the National Center for Sex Education, or Cenesex. continue reading »

Specialist Sees Link Between Obesity, Diabetes and Breast Cancer in Mexico

The obesity suffered by 30 percent of Mexico's adult population, and diabetes, considered the principal cause of death, increase the risk of breast cancer in this country, specialist Enrique Gimenez Jimeno told Efe. continue reading »

Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 21 Dead, 271 Sick

Fungus found in steroid produced by Massachusetts pharmacy, officials reveal. Twenty-one people have now died and 271 have been sickened in the nationwide meningitis o continue reading »

Bolivian President Thanks Queen Sofia For Spanish Aid in Education, Health

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Tuesday thanked Spain's Queen Sofia for Madrid's help in improving health and education in Bolivia, expressed confidence that this would continue in the future and reconfirmed that he will attend the Ibero-American Summit in Cadiz, which will be held in mid-November. continue reading »

Nicaragua Using $45M Loan to Improve Health Services For Most Vulnerable Groups

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a second loan for $45 million to Nicaragua to improve spending priorities and efficiency on health and social protection for the country’s most vulnerable groups. The reforms carried out by the program will meet the needs of pregnant women and children in the poorest fifth of the nation’s population. continue reading »

Cuba’s Health System Closed 465 Medical Centers in 2011 and Laid Off 16k Personnel

The Cuban public health system closed 465 medical centers during 2011 and laid off the personnel who worked there, a move made in keeping with the government's ongoing "readjustment" to reduce costs and more efficiently utilize resources. continue reading »

Argentine Court Denies Rape Victim the Option of Abortion

A court order that barred a rape victim Tuesday from having an abortion has sparked a heated controversy in Argentina. The embattled judicial ruling came in response to a motion by the Pro-Vida (Pro-Life) group to stop the interruption of a 32-year-old woman's pregnancy. continue reading »

Mexican Pharmaceuticals to be More Readily Available in Chile

Mexico and Chile signed a cooperation agreement "to strengthen bilateral pharmaceutical policies," opening the way for vaccines and medicines registered in the North American country to be sold in the South American nation, the Mexican Health Secretariat said. continue reading »

Argentina Combats Chronic Diseases with IDB Assistance

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) today approved a $150 million loan to help Argentina reduce the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular events and other chronic ailments, with a special focus on people without health insurance. continue reading »

Chicago Environmental Groups Look Into Land Reuse After Coal Plants are Decommissioned

Both of Chicago’s Coal Power Plants have been officially decommissioned. A Mayoral Task Force convened to discuss the reuse of the sites releases report highlighting common ground reached between community organizations, the City of Chicago and Midwest Generation. But community concerns over remediation are yet to be addressed. continue reading »