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Tag Results for "Health News"

Venezuelan Government Admits “Difficulties” in Hospitals

Venezuela's health minister acknowledged Friday that there are "difficulties" in the nation's hospitals following the complaints of medical personnel and patients over the past few weeks about the lack of resources. continue reading »

Michelle Obama Takes “Let’s Move” Campaign to “Sabado Gigante”

First lady Michelle Obama took her campaign against being overweight and childhood obesity to the popular Spanish-language television program "Sabado Gigante," where she spoke about the benefits of a healthy diet and physical exercise. continue reading »

Spanish Scientist Doubts Effectiveness of New Malaria Vaccine

The recent announcement of a new malaria vaccine discovered by researchers in the United States has revived hopes of a cure for the illness, but the prestigious Spanish immunologist Pedro Alonso said, in an interview with Efe, that "we shouldn't raise any false hopes" because "it's still not a vaccine." continue reading »

Venezuelan Doctors Fear Country Faces Health Emergency

The president of the Venezuelan Medical Association asked the Venezuelan government Tuesday to declare a health emergency and take steps to address serious problems with the Andean nation's healthcare system. continue reading »

Ranitas Contaminadas - Agricultural Chemicals in Sierra Frogs

There is a little rhyme in Spanish that goes: “Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sanas hoy, sanarás mañana” It is a common rhyme to comfort one with a boo-boo, roughly translating to: continue reading »

Get the Lead Out: Ojo Con El Plomo In Your Salsa

Next time you are going to make some enchiladas with El Pato, careful you may be getting a mouthful of lead as well. A story from ABC News, in the LA Times, and also noted by the Environmental Health Coalition stated that researchers found high levels of lead in salsa. That is correct: some imported salsas used in our kitchens had traces of lead. Part of how this may have happened is a suspected connection to similar ingredients used to make candy—which in the past has been an issue that led to regulations in California to ban lead-tainted candy. continue reading »

Colombia Receives $250 Million Loan to Reform Health Care System

Colombia will strengthen its health care system through a model that emphasizes prevention with the help of a programmatic policy-based loan for $250 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

First Swine Flu Death Reported in Peru

One person has died and a total of 46 people have been infected with the AH1N1 swine flu virus in Peru this year, a Health Ministry official said. continue reading »

Migrants Crossing Through Mexico to Be Eligible for Health Care

Mexico promised to offer medical care to migrants crossing its territory at a meeting in which that country, Central America, Colombia and the Dominican Republic worked on an integration plan that goes well beyond economic accords. continue reading »

Argentine, Cuban Scientists Develop 1st Therapeutic Vaccine for Lung Cancer

A team of Argentine and Cuban scientists has developed the first therapeutic vaccine for treating lung cancer. The vaccine does not prevent the tumor, but promotes its destruction by activating the body's immune system, the Insud Group said Friday. continue reading »

At Least 3 Die from Swine Flu in Venezuela

At least 160 cases and three deaths have been registered in Venezuela from swine flu, officials said. "We have officially registered 11 cases and sadly have two people dead from this disease here in Aragua state as of now," Aragua Gov. Tareck El Aissami said. continue reading »

Doctors to Perform LatAm’s First Ovary Transplant in Mexico

A Mexican woman received Latin America's first transplant of ovaries in a hospital in the western city of Guadalajara, the director of the Mexican Infertility Institute, Luis Arturo Ruvalcaba, announced. continue reading »

Women’s College Grades May Suffer Due to Too Much Texting, Facebook

Media use for freshmen adds up to 12 hours daily, poll finds. Media use is a serious distraction for college freshmen, with a new study finding young women devo continue reading »

Hemorrhagic Dengue Leads to 2 Deaths in Honduras

Two people have died so far this year from hemorrhagic dengue in Honduras, Health Minister Roxana Araujo said. The cases occurred in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, a city in northern Honduras, Araujo said, without providing additional details. continue reading »

Unemployment Can Take Its Toll on Your Health

Resulting stress, anxiety, bad habits may lead to cardiovascular trouble. As anyone who's lost a job can attest, stress and worry often quickly follow. continue reading »

Many Teens Afraid to Intervene in Sexual Assault, Survey Finds

National effort launched to raise awareness, encourage involvement. More than half of all teens and young adults in the United States know a victim of dating violence or sexual assault, according to a new national survey. continue reading »

Latina Health Advocates Urge Congress to Improve Immigrants’ Rights

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) joined other leaders in immigrants’ rights and health equity to send a letter to President Obama and members of Congress urging that programs and public services that meet basic human needs be included in immigration reform, including programs that improve access to affordable health care. continue reading »

Report Details Steps to Boost Patient Safety

Leadership is needed for change to occur, experts say. Experts estimate that many tens of thousands of people in the United States die each ye continue reading »

Avian Flu Outbreak in Mexico Worries Authorities

Mexican authorities decreed a health emergency due to an outbreak of avian flu in the central state of Guanajuato, where some 582,000 domestic fowl exposed to the virus could be slaughtered to eradicate it, officials said. continue reading »

Drugs for Neglected Diseases Wins Carlos Slim Health Award

The Latin American office of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative won a Carlos Slim Award in Health, which carries a $100,000 cash prize, for its work and achievements in developing new treatments for disregarded patients, the institution said. continue reading »