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Tag Results for "Health Care Reform"

Obama Administration Moves Forward to Implement Health Care Law

The Obama administration moved forward today to implement provisions in the health care law that would make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. The provisions of the Affordable Care Act also would make it easier for consumers to compare health plans, and employers to promote and encourage employee wellness. continue reading »

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of The American People-statement by Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL).

When I retire, I will be buying insurance from a health care exchange just like everyone else and I am proud to live in a country that allows working class families, blue collar workers and former Congressmen to share health care risks and health rewards and equal opportunity for life saving coverage. continue reading »

Do New Health Law Mandates Threaten Access to Birth Control?

Anti-choice House lawmakers launched the latest attack on women’s health and family planning on Wednesday. In a House subcommittee hearing entitled "Do New Health Law Mandates Threaten Conscience Rights and Access to Care?," several lawmakers showed their true colors, arguing for the preferences of employers over the right of women to make their own contraceptive health decisions in consultation with their doctors. continue reading »

US Health Insurance Mandate Suffers Setback

A U.S. appeals court has ruled that part of the Obama administration's overhaul of the health care system is unconstitutional. A divided three-judge panel Friday struck down the provision of the law that requires all Americans to pay for health insurance by 2014 or face a penalty. continue reading »

Up to 220,000 California Children Excluded from Health Care Reform Due to Immigrant Status

Restrictions on eligibility for health care reform programs will result in the potential exclusion of up to 220,000 children from affordable health care coverage in California, according to a new policy brief from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. continue reading »

Five Benefits of the New Health Care Law

Changes to the health care system affect everyone. Today, you can take advantage of five major benefits of the new health care law, and several other important provisions will go into effect by 2015. continue reading »

Hispanic Support for Current Health Care Law Appears to be Waning

As the debate about repealing the Affordable Care Act, Hispanics majority support for it appears waning and indicates they may support an appeal. continue reading »

Hispanics to Lose Access to Medicare Drugs and Treatment

An American Heritage Foundation study has determined that because of The Healthcare Reform Act "low income beneficiaries and minorities, especially Hispanics will bear the brunt of the cuts. continue reading »

Florida Federal Judge Rules Health Care Bill Unconstitutional, Score 2:2

In a much-anticipated decision, Judge Roger Vinson of the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Florida has ruled that the provision of the health care overhaul bill, which mandates that everyone have insurance starting in 2014, or pay a fine is unconstitutional. continue reading »

This Week in Washington – Health Care Bill Repeal and What it Means to You (VIDEO)

Thursday the House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, landmark health reform legislation that President Obama signed into law last March. continue reading »

Democrats Respond to GOP Health Care Repeal Vote- Repeal This!

Yesterday, House Republicans voted to repeal the new health insurance reform law. Even though they know the law won’t actually be repealed--because Democrats hold the White House and the Senate--they voted anyway in order to appease their Tea Party base. continue reading »

Leading Hispanic Organization Opposed to Repeal of Health Care Reform

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S., is urging all members of Congress to vote no on the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” (H.R. 2 and H.Res 9). continue reading »

House Repeal of Health Care Reform Scheduled for this Week-Poll Shows Support Decreasing

With Republican House members scheduled to continue their efforts to repeal Obama’s health care reform this week, the intensity seems to be easing. continue reading »

What Does Health Reform Repeal Mean for Americans? (VIDEO)

Which Americans would be most affected by a repeal of health reform? How would repeal affect the economy? Are conservatives likely to succeed in repealing reform? continue reading »

Poll: Health Care Reform Considered Obama’s Best and Worst

In an interesting twist- President Obama’s Health Care Reform is seen as both the best and the worst of what he has accomplished. Quinnipiac University Polling Institute surveyed 1647 voters asking what they thought the best thing Obama had done and in a separate continue reading »

Fix The Senate: A Call for Filibuster Reform Hits the Floor

The filibuster is why health care reform didn't contain a public health care option similar to Medicare; it's why no meaningful climate legislation was passed; why even non-controversial judges were denied confirmation despite a crisis in the judiciary; and why even the bipartisan DREAM Act wasn't even brought to the floor. continue reading »

Health Care Reform: Will It Empower or Perplex Consumers?

Choosing health plans, managing chronic conditions requires basic health literacy. Part one of three-part series. Are American consumers "health literate" enough to play a leading role in their health care and coverage decisions? That question will be put to the test in 2014, when more than 30 million uninsured adults begin shopping for health continue reading »