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Tag Results for "Halt Act"

75 Democrats Sign Letter to Obama Against HALT Act, That Strips His Right to Administer Deportations

A dozen pro-immigrant Democratic Members of Congress gathered for a press conference today to release a letter to President Obama saying they are opposed to the HALT Act, which they described to the President as "an attack on your integrity that should not pass unnoticed or unopposed." The letter was signed by 75 Democrats. continue reading »

David Vitter Is “Intimate” With Prosecutorial Discretion, but Wants to HALT Obama’s Use of it

You can’t make this stuff up. The Senate sponsor of the legislation that would strip President Obama of prosecutorial discretion to stop unnecessary deportation (the HALT Act) is none other than the Senator with the most direct and personal knowledge of discretion: David Vitter. Put simply, “Prosecutorial discretion” is the authority of an agency or officer charged with enforcing a law to decide whether to enforce the law in a particular case. continue reading »