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Tag Results for "Gulf Drug Cartel"

Mexican Author Lydia Cacho Believes Death Threats Came From Cartel-linked Police

Mexican muckraking author and journalist Lydia Cacho said it is becoming increasingly clear that death threats leveled against her came from police linked to the once-powerful Gulf drug cartel. continue reading »

Mexican Marines Nab Top Gulf Cartel Boss “El Gordo”

One of the Gulf drug cartel's top bosses has been arrested, dealing a blow to the powerful Mexican criminal organization less than three months before President Felipe Calderon leaves office, officials said. continue reading »

Shootout Near U.S.-Mexico Border Leaves Drug Kingpin Dead

Over the weekend the Mexican Navy and security forces carried out a surprise raid in the border city of Matamoros right across the border from Brownsville, Texas. The raid was targeted at various strongholds of the Gulf Cartel continue reading »