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Tag Results for "Guadalajara Mexico"

Mixtec Indians Give Concert Blending Ancient Melodies with Beatles Tunes

More than 50 young Mixtec Indians gave a concert in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, in which they fused their ancestral musical tradition with melodies made famous by the legendary British rock group The Beatles. continue reading »

Illinois Teen Killed in Mexico, Burned Body Found in Trunk, While Visiting Family

18-Year Old Alexis Uriel Marron of Rolling Meadows, Illinois was founded murdered inside a burned car holding the remains of two other young men in Mexico on Christmas Eve. continue reading »

Donated Christmas Meals Laced with Cyanide, Kills 5 at Mexico Rehab Center

Five residents of a drug rehab center in this western Mexican city died and 26 others were sickened after eating donated food that apparently contained cyanide, the Red Cross said Monday. continue reading »

26 Bodies Found on Busy Intersection in Guadalajara, 2nd Mass Dumping of Bodies in Mexico This Week

The bodies of 26 men were found inside two SUVs and an automobile abandoned on a busy avenue in Guadalajara, one of Mexico's largest cities, prosecutors said Thursday. continue reading »

Mexican Musicians Killed by Disgruntled Grenade-Throwing Patrons for Refusing an Encore

Jonathan Martinez and Gustavo Alejandro were finishing their music set at the La Excelencia bar in Guadalajara yesterday morning when things got very ugly. continue reading »

New Rules for Spanish Language Set to be Ratified Today Effecting 450 Million People

The Royal Spanish Academy is meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico today and plans to enact new rules for the second-most spoken tongue in the world, something it has been doing since 1713. continue reading »