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Tag Results for "Governor Luis Fortuno"

Puerto Rico Status Referendum is Historic

In December 2011, Puerto Rico's legislature approved, and Governor Luis Fortuño signed, Law 283. This legislation provides for a referendum continue reading »

Puerto Rican Governor Fortuño Denies He’s Interested in Republican VP Slot

Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño denied having any interest in seeking office in the mainland United States, reacting to a column in the Wall Street Journal that proposed him as a possible Republican vice presidential candidate. continue reading »

Puerto Rico Residents Angry Over Pipeline Project Proposal

Over the weekend, protesters demonstrated against a massive natural gas pipeline proposal in Puerto Rico worth around $450 million. The pipeline, dubbed “The Green Way” by the Governor Luis Fortuno is an attempt to solve the island’s soaring energy prices. continue reading »

One of Puerto Rico’s Top State Legislators Tests Positive for Cocaine During Mandatory Testing

Puerto Rico’s House Speaker, Jenniffer Gonzalez, decided at the beginning of the year that all state legislators should submit to mandatory drug testing and much to everyone’s embarrassment the House Majority Whip, Rolando Crespo tested positive. continue reading »

28 Percent of all Puerto Rican Teens Carry Guns to School, Teachers Fear Their Own Students

A study released this week in Puerto Rico shows an alarming trend of 10th-12th graders carrying guns to school whereby teachers are afraid of their students, and violence to solve problems is readily practiced. continue reading »