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Tag Results for "Gop Immigration"

If Mitt Romney was Actually Mexican, Would He Still Support Arizona’s’ SB 1070?

As reported, U.S. District judge lifted an injunction against the “show me your papers” provision of Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-immigrant law, allowing this draconian provision to go into effect. Many agree that the implementation of this provision will involve rampant racial profiling of Latinos in Arizona. No doubt, additional legal challenges will be brought to stop it. continue reading »

Bloggers Agree: Mitt Romney, GOP Candidates Ignore Latino Vote at Their Peril

Remember Wednesday night’s GOP debate in Mesa, Arizona, where the Republican candidates proclaimed that Arizona and its extremist SB 1070 anti-immigrant law was a model for the country? continue reading »

“A Republican Probably Can’t Win Without About 40 percent, Minimum, of the Hispanic And Latino V

"A Republican probably can't win without about 40 percent, minimum, of the Hispanic and Latino vote." You've heard that many times from America's Voice. Now, it's coming from a leading political pundit, Larry Sabato: continue reading »

Report: Why Do Elephants Put their Heads in the Sand?

The Republican Party’s stance on immigration—and what it means for its candidates’ ability to compete for Latino voters—is shaping up as one of the major storylines this election cycle. continue reading »

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Promises to Veto DREAM Act If Elected (VIDEO)

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe reports that during a campaign stop in Le Mars, Iowa yesterday, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney promised to veto continue reading »

As Iowa Caucuses Approach, Signatories of Iowa Compact Hope to Reframe Immigration Debate

Exhausted by the base immigration rhetoric prevalent in the GOP presidential debate, a group of concerned Iowans is seeking to reframe the issue in anticipation of the Iowa Caucuses next month. continue reading »

Mitt Romney’s “Solution” to Immigration Calls for Latino Immigrants to Go “Home”

Mitt Romney has officially staked out the most extreme immigration position possible: the removal of every undocumented immigrant in the nation. His message to Latino immigrants is: "go home." continue reading »

Jose Antonio Vargas Reports: The Tragic Death Of Joaquin Luna

An 18-year-old in Texas took his own life fearing he didn't have much of a future. Shortly after kissing his family members goodbye, and dressed in a suit and tie, Joaquin Luna continue reading »

Gingrich Sees Immigrants as Humans- Will He Be Nominated?

Can GOP voters stomach a presidential candidate who talks about undocumented immigrants without calling them “illegals”? Can the tea party base that’s driving the Republican party handle a presidential hopeful who acknowledges the impossibility of deporting every one of the estimated 11 million continue reading »

Anti-Hispanic, Anti-Immigrant GOP Cannot Count on Marco Rubio to Save Its Image

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) remains a Tea Party favorite and, despite his protests to the contrary, the leading vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party continue reading »

NM Governor Martinez Pushes Immigration Crackdown Despite Family’s Undocumented Past

Frank Sharry: “It’s a Good Thing She Wasn’t Governor During Her Grandfather’s Day”. Already facing protests against her attempted crackdown on undocumented workers, Governor Susana Martinez (R-NM) faces new scrutiny with the revelation that her grandfather was an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. continue reading »

Cain Trips Over The Constitution Again, Bungles The 14th Amendment At GOP Debate (VIDEO)

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has had his struggles with the Constitution lately, confusing it and the Declaration of Independence, misunderstanding a clause about bankruptcy, and failing to grasp the unconstitutionality of religious tests in determining someone’s fitness for employment. continue reading »

Gingrich Clarifies (Confuses) His Position on America’s Undocumented

Newt Gingrich told a Univision interviewer that he believes a "citizen board" could be a better way to deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. continue reading »