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Tag Results for "Global Warming Latin America"

South America’s Patagonia Region Losing Ice Glaciers 50 Percent Faster than Before

A little-studied mass of ice in South America is undergoing some big changes: The Southern Patagonian Ice Field lost ice volume at a 50 percent faster rate between 2000-2012 than it did between 1975-2000, according to new analysis of digital elevation models performed by Cornell researchers. continue reading »

Chile’s Lake Cachet Vanishing

Lake Cachet II, located in Chile’s Patagonia region, vanished overnight. The lake, fed by ice melting from the Colonia Glacier, lcoated 1,250 miles south of the country’s capital of Santiago, was reduced to puddles and chunks of ice after emptying into the Baker river. continue reading »

Brazil to Host UN World Environment Day in June

Brazil will be the host of World Environment Day (WED) in June, which aims to emphasize how individual actions can have an exponential impact on the planet and help reduce pollution, the United Nations announced today. continue reading »