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Tag Results for "Glenn Beck"

Glenn Beck Sneers At Students Who Can’t Afford A College Education (VIDEO)

Conservative idol Glenn Beck spent much of his speech at the Values Voters Conference this weekend lambasting young Americans who are part of the 99 Percent Movement, and those who have the continue reading »

Does Katt William Hate Mexicans?  Who Cares – It’s Misplaced Outrage

We know why the media is spending so much time trying to figure out if comedian Katt Williams hates and disrespects Mexicans. That battle of words and race baiting is so much easier to figure out then the other hate battle between Obama and Boehner and Congressional Republicans. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Thinks that If Obama is a One-Term President, He will Not Go Peacefully

Beck Thinks Obama Would "Go Kicking And Screaming" If He Were A One-Term President, Saying "If I Can't Have Her, No One Will" From the August 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program: continue reading »

Continuing Attack On Tucson Ethnic Studies Class, Beck Ignores Report That Contradicts Fearmongering

Glenn Beck said that "the top education official" in Arizona ruled that an ethnic studies program, which Beck claimed "called for the overthrow of the United States government," was in violation of state law. continue reading »

” Drop Fox ” Media Matters Campaign

It's time for advertisers to decide. Will they continue to put their brand on the line by spending money to associate their products with bigotry, political attacks, and deliberate misinformation? continue reading »

Glenn Beck Responds To Criticism For Vomiting At Meghan McCain’s Skin Cancer PSA

Beck admits it was a juvenile bit but did not apologize. Meghan McCain fired back at Glenn Beck, who mocked her for doing a PSA on skin cancer. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Utterly Clueless About Tucson Ethnic Studies Program

While once again demonizing a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson, Arizona, Glenn Beck falsely claimed that the program is "mandatory." Enrollment in the class has always been voluntary. continue reading »

Think Again: The Hate We Tolerate

Between Beck’s television program and his even less restrained daily radio broadcast, Fox is supporting the spreading of some genuinely worrisome, potentially violence-inducing arguments against America’s president continue reading »

Americans’ Most Admired People Include: Obama, Hillary, Sarah Palin, Pope and Queen Elizabeth

Gallup annual year-end poll identifying Americans’ most admired people did not contain many surprises except for maybe Glenn Beck being more admired than the Dalai Lama or that Sarah Palin is admired more than Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Angelina Jolie COMBINED. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Refutes Theory of Evolution Seeking Half-Human, Half-Monkey as Proof

Professorial Glenn Beck once again showing America how bright he is and well suited to educate the (ignorant) masses took on the subject of evolution and the theory of creationism. continue reading »